Agricultural Economics and Marketing Program title

The Agricultural Economics and Marketing Program (AEMP) serves both Extension and Research departments and is housed in Cooperative Extension offices in Allen Hall. It covers different issues that are pertinent to the core areas of assistance to the agricultural and agribusiness clientele of Lincoln University who are found throughout the state of Missouri and beyond. These include the areas of economics, marketing, farm management and production.

Historically, the clientele has been made up of small, disadvantaged and limited resource farmers and ranchers. These individuals are primarily concentrated in four sections of Missouri, namely East Central, West Central, Southeast, and Southwest. 


The goal of AEMP is to help small farm enterprises across Missouri to be sustainable economically, socially and ecologically.

This overarching goal is achieved by providing assistance to small farm families through one-on-one farm visits, workshops, research and demonstrations. Also, the program assists with farm and financial issues, cooperative and direct marketing, sustainable agricultural practices and other on-farm research as needed. To enhance the quality of the program and projects, we recognize the need to tap into the enormous niche advantages available to our clientele.

As economics and marketing issues are the concern of most, if not all, areas of our endeavors in Cooperative Extension, many services are provided by the AEMP to meet the various needs of our clientele. These include the following


AEMP Programs and Projects of Interest

The AEMP will continue to provide technical assistance to promote the overall objective of the goat industry. Some of the published AEMP highlights include:


For more information contact:

Dr. Emmanuel Ajuzie
State Extension Specialist - Agricultural Economics and Marketing
Lincoln University Cooperative Extension
201 Allen Hall
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102
(573) 681-5635

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