Lincoln University of Missouri in springtime

Becoming a Healthier LU

Becoming a Healthier LU: Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit is designed to promote a better Lincoln University by providing a strategic and well-defined focus on the health and well-being of the university’s students, faculty, staff and administration. The program will work to better support the health needs of everyone in the Lincoln University community by creating purposeful and meaningful programming options that will encompass various aspects of human well-being.

 The program will be designed through input and feedback from the University Wellness Committee, which is a campus-wide group comprised of members from Human Resources, Thompkins Health Center, Campus Recreation, University Relations, Student Affairs and the School of Education.

 The following tenets support the Healthier LU program:

  1. Healthy Mind: Prioritizing work, life and school responsibilities.
  2. Healthy Body: Learning about and incorporating healthier eating habits and exercise into a daily routine.
  3. Healthy Spirit: Enhancing opportunities to increase emotional and spiritual health through suggested practices such as, but not limited to, meditation, prayer and positive affirmation and reinforcement.
  4. Healthy Relationships: Helping each member of the Lincoln University community understand the role they play in caring for others, which includes effective communication tools and identifying signals that someone may need additional support or help.

This transformative initiative is dedicated to fostering a thriving Lincoln University community. Through strategic focus and collaboration with the University Wellness Committee, our program will enhance the well-being of our Blue Tiger family. Together, we embark on a journey towards a healthier and more vibrant Lincoln University.