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New Student Onboarding

Welcome Blue Tiger! Our success relies on your success! Your success begins before you step on campus. Follow this roadmap to get started on the right paw!

Learn more about new student move-in and activities

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Be Admitted

Use this link to fill out the Intent to Enroll form. Once you have completed the form and paid the non-refundable enrollment fee, you will receive a confirmation email. The one-time enrollment fee cost is $150 for new incoming freshmen and transfer students for the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 academic school years. Payment of the enrollment fee is required before students can register for New Student Orientation.

Confirm that your final transcripts have been sent from your high school or transferring college/university.

Final high school transcripts can be emailed to or mailed to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment 
Young Hall Room B-7 
820 Chestnut Street 
Jefferson City, MO 65101 

Attending orientation is a key step in ensuring you are best prepared to begin your journey as a Blue Tiger!

New students for the 2023-2024 academic year should arrive on campus for move-in and fall orientation on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, at Jason Gymnasium 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Attending fall orientation is required for on-campus students and strongly encouraged for commuter students. There is no registration required for fall orientation.

Available dates for 2024-2025 orientation will be posted soon.

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Get Connected

Email is our main communication tool here at Lincoln University (LU). It is essential that you access your LU email early and often. Learn how to log in and use your student email account here.
Security is essential to ensuring that your information and documents stay yours. This video and these instructions will assist you in setting up multi-factor authentication for your device.
The Blue Tiger Portal is the central location of all Lincoln University resources. From the portal home page, you can get a quick glance at your upcoming class schedule, find quick and easy access to your LU email mailbox, view your assigned academic advisor and monitor import campus alerts.  The "cards" on the Blue Tiger Portal can be customized to provide you with information you feel necessary to be successful. Some of the cards even have enhanced functionalities that allows you to make your own hyperlinks to study resources, bookmark your favorite frequently visited websites or keep organized with a to-do List.  You can view these and other features of the re-launched Blue Tiger Portal by clicking here and logging in with your username and password.

Self-Service is a tool that will enable you to keep track of your progress toward commencement, as well as view financial aid, student account and course schedule information.  Self-Service also has features that enable you to view and print school-related tax forms and review your academic performance.  If you have more than 45 credit hours, Self-Service is also where you can manage enrollment for courses. You can access Self-Service by logging into the Blue Tiger Portal and clicking on the Self-Service link or by clicking here and logging in.

Canvas is our University’s Learning Management System (LMS).  It is where much of your coursework will be housed.  Inside Canvas you can communicate with your instructors and classmates, receive feedback on submitted assignments, and keep track of upcoming homework or required reading.  As Canvas is a University resource, it is available as a link in the Blue Tiger Portal; however, you can also view it by clicking here and logging in.

Have you heard that you can get a free laptop as a student at LU? Learn about this exciting new program here.

Submit Required Health Forms

Students must provide the following health records to Thompkins Student Health Center to be fully enrolled at Lincoln University of Missouri:

1. Completed Medical Health History Form

2. Immunization records.

  1. Immunization records must include proof of two MMR vaccinations (measles, mumps, rubella).
  2. For students living in residential housing, immunization records must also include proof of two meningococal vaccinations with the most recent being received after the student turned 16 years old.

3. TB Skin Test or Chest X-Ray. Students must have a TB skin test dated within the last 12 months or proof of chest x-ray demonstrating negative TB results. This is an annual requirement for students while enrolled at Lincoln University. 


Students are able to upload electronic copies of their immunization records and TB Skin Test when completing the Medical Health History Form.

Students may provide copies to Thompkins Health Center via fax at (573) 681-5877.

Students may hand deliver copies to Thompkins Health Center while they are on campus.

Learn more about Thompkins Health Center here!

Apply for Financial Aid

Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by visiting Be sure to add Lincoln University FAFSA code: 002479

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form allows you to be considered for federal student aid. Lincoln University uses the FASFA® to award grants, scholarships and loans. But, since aid is limited, you have to meet the deadlines! For priority consideration, submit your application by Feb. 1, 2024.  

Federal Student Aid offers three types of financial aid.

  • Grants: Financial aid that generally doesn’t have to be repaid.

  • Loans: Borrowed money for college or career school; your loans must be repaid with interest.

  • Work-Study: A federal work program through which undergraduates and graduate students at participating schools earn money to help pay for school.
Learn More Here
We are an affordable university that cares about our students, and we want to help you find ways to pay for school so you can have the college experience you deserve. Our team is here to help students find resources they need to graduate from Lincoln University.  View scholarship opportunities we offer.

Only loans have to be accepted.

  • Log into Self-Service to accept your student loans.
  • You can accept only the subsidized loan or both the subsidized and the unsubsidized loans.  
  • As a first-time borrower from LU, you will also need to do the Master Promissory Note (MPN).
  • You will be required to do Entrance Counseling.  
Until all three of these actions are completed, LU cannot see or access your loans to apply them to your account balance.

Take Academic Placement Exams

Lincoln University aims to place incoming freshmen in courses that match their learning skills and abilities to ensure that they are successful. All students who do not possess an ACT or SAT test score will need to take the Math and English Placement Exams. These online exams will be available at all times through Lincoln University’s learning management system, CANVAS.
All students who do not possess an ACT or SAT test score will need to take the Math Placement Exam. You will take this test online through Lincoln University’s learning management system, CANVAS. Your Freshman Advisor will communicate with Academic Support in the College of Arts and Sciences who will contact you with information on how to access and take the exam, should you need to take it. You will also, should you desire, have an opportunity to take this exam in-person as part of your on-campus orientation experience.
All students who do not possess an ACT or SAT test score will need to take the English Placement Test. You will take this test online through Lincoln University’s learning management system, CANVAS. Your Freshman Advisor will communicate with the Academic Support Staff in the College of Arts and Sciences who will contact you with information on how to access and take the exam, should you need to take it. You will also, should you desire, have an opportunity to take this exam in-person as part of your on-campus orientation experience.

Choose a Major

1. What do you like to do? List 10 things you love. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Utilize the Roadmap to Careers.

2. What are your careers goals? What is the required degree to reach your goal (associates, bachelors, masters, etc)?

3. Talk to advisors and other career professionals.

4. Have a backup plan. What if you can't decide on a major? What if you want to change your major?

Visit the Programs of Study webpage to choose a major that is offered at LU.

Register for Classes

Freshman advisors will be assigned by Academic Support staff within two business days of receiving the student information from the Office of Admissions. The student and the freshman advisor will be notified as soon as the assignment is complete. The contact email provided by the student will be used for this purpose. Your assigned Freshman Advisor will reach out to you within one week (five business days) to set up a first meeting. This meeting may be via email, phone or a virtual meeting through a platform like Zoom.

The goal of your first meeting with your advisor is to establish a regular communication channel and also to finalize your class schedule for fall 2023. If you need to take the Math or English Placement Exams, your Freshman Advisor will communicate with the Academic Support Staff in the College of Arts and Sciences who will contact you with information on how to access and take the placement exams.

You and your advisor may decide at the end of the first meeting to finalize your fall schedule. You will then be emailed a copy for your records. If you need more time to think about your schedule, it will be necessary for your advisor to schedule a follow-up meeting to finalize the schedule.

Finalized schedules can be modified later by communicating with your Freshman Advisor.

Apply for Housing

Students are not required to live in university residences. However, living in a residence hall or on-campus apartment is a unique experience which provides an opportunity to meet people and explore new ideas and ways of relating to others. It is an important part of the educational process, in which students are encouraged to be involved in activities and programs, and to assume individual and community responsibility.

Generally, you would apply for on-campus housing here on the Lincoln University website. However, all residence halls are full for 2023-2024.

If you are interested in living on campus, please sign up for the waitlist at

Students who currently have spaces reserved have until August 1, 2023 to confirm if they are not residing on campus for the 23-24 academic year. If spaces open, we will open the housing application back up.

We encourage you to check the housing portal and university email daily for updates.

Since housing is full for 2023-2024, we are no longer accepting payments online or in the cashier's office.
If you were confirmed for a space in a residence hall for the 2023-2024 academic year, you should have received your room assignment on July 17, 2023. Please check the housing portal and your university email for details.

Understand the Cost

The university provides billing statements online via Self-Service, where you can access your statement and make full payment. The university does not mail billing statements.

Charges will appear on your account when you apply for housing or enroll in courses.  Those who live in residential housing are required to have an unlimited meal plan.  Therefore, applying for housing will cause charges for both room and board to be added to your account. When you enroll in courses, you will be charged either the per-credit-hour rate (if under 12 credit hours) the flat rate (if 12 – 18 credit hours), or a combination of the two if enrolling in more than 18 credit hours.

Keep in mind, anytime you need something extra (such as a replacement ID card, you lose your room key, you get fined for a dirty room, etc.), there may be charges added to your account. 

All tuition and fees are due and payable at the time of registration unless other financial arrangements have been made. Our listing of basic fees represents your standard college charges but does not include costs for books, supplies, travel expenses, medical expenses other than health insurance or other miscellaneous fees that may be required.

See our list of basic fees here.

You can pay your tuition and room and board fees in U.S. dollars by check, money order, MasterCard or Visa. No cash should be mailed to the University.

All payments (including priority, express, etc.) must be addressed to:

Lincoln University
Attn: Office of Student Financial Services
P.O. Box 29
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0029