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Blue Tiger Connect

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Learn more about how we can connect students with the technology you need to complete your degree.

All full-time LU students (enrolled in 12 credit hours or more but having completed less than 60 credit hours) are eligible to receive a wireless-ready laptop computer.

The laptop offered for Fall 2023 is a Lenovo ThinkPad E14.
Since Lincoln University owns the campus-issued laptop computer and its software, Information Technology Services (ITS) reserves the right to format and reload the hard disk without the user's permission once it is returned to the ITS office. Users are encouraged by ITS to back-up their important personal files on a weekly basis to prevent loss of data in case of hardware or software failure.

Learn More About Blue Tiger Connect

Pick-up will occur during Start of Year festivities August 16-21. Exact dates and times will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

All qualifying students who are enrolled in 12 credit hours or more but have completed less than 60 credit hours must:

  • must bring their LU student i.d.
  • read and sign the LU Acceptance Agreement
  • complete and submit the LU laptop user survey


You do not. You may opt-out of the program and decline the laptop if you already have a personal device you wish to use. In fact, there are only so many laptops available so we encourage you to opt-out if you already have a laptop available to you.
Accidents happen! The purchase of insurance is encouraged! One2One is offering our students great coverage for only $30/year. Learn more about the program here.
If you withdraw, separate, or leave the University for any reason, prior to completing 60 hours of course credit, you are required to return the campus-issued laptop.
It is preferred that you make arrangements with ITS to return your laptop in-person.
Students who successfully meet the 60 credit hour requirement are able to keep their campus-issued laptop. You will be notified by ITS if you have met the necessary requirements.
Yes, you can. While we strongly encourage you to return your campus-issued laptop in person prior to leaving campus, you can return it via traditional mail.
Please email the helpdesk at to let us know the laptop is in the mail and provide the tracking number. You must also include your LU tag number in that email.
You must return the AC adapter (or be charged a $50 fee) and the laptop protective sleeve (or be charged a $25 fee).
Here is the address for return:
Lincoln University, Information Technology Services
822 Chestnut Street, Schweich Hall 101
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Please pack the laptop securely (or have the mail service do it for you), as you are still liable for up to $1000 if it is lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.
You are strongly encouraged to put insurance on your campus-issued laptop in case it is lost, stolen, or damaged while en route to campus via mail.