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Fax Guide

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Lincoln University Electronic Faxing Guide

Incoming Faxes

When receiving an incoming fax, the user(s) will receive an email notifying them that a fax has been received.  The email will look like the below message:
  • The link in the email will take you directly to the document received. 
  • It can also be accessed by navigating to L:\FAX_PICKUP\<number>\ where <number> is the fax #’s 4 digit extension. 
  • The same people with access will get the notification email. 

Outgoing Fax

To send an outgoing fax:
  • A user sends an email with the fax as an attachment to the email address: <phoneNumber> where <phoneNumber> is the destination fax number. Examples would be or
  • Use the same phone number you would ordinarily dial at the fax machine.  On campus faxes can use the 4-digit fax extension number. 
  • The email will be forwarded to the fax server, and the user will get a confirmation email once the fax has been sent.