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Account Frequently Asked Questions


Please find answers to your most frequently asked questions from payment plans to health insurance. We are here every step of the way to help you transition to your home away from home - Lincoln University of Missouri!

We use LU email as our primary form of communication. Please check your email regularly to see if you have notifications from Student Accounts. Welcome Blue Tigers!

Health Insurance Questions

Due to a recent policy change by the Board of Curators in June 2015, student health insurance is only mandatory for international students. Therefore, waivers are no longer applicable. International students, regardless of their enrollment status, are required to purchase the student health insurance. For more information, please contact the Student Health Center at 573-681-5476.

Book Purchase Questions

NOTE:  New Lincoln University Bookstore will be with Follett, for questions please call 573-681-5278.

Payment Plan Questions

Yes. You may enroll in a payment plan. The University offers payment plans through Self-Service.  To enroll in a payment plan, students simply log into Self-Service.  Once logged in, select Student Finance, then Make a Payment.

There is no fee to participate in a payment plan.

The University offers up to three payment plans with varying down payment percentages and number of payments. The earlier you enroll in a payment plan, the more choices you will have available.

Yes. Awarded financial aid will be included in the calculation to determine the amount of your payment plan.

The amount of your payments will be determined by the amount of your charges, your pending aid, and the payment plan you choose.

No. You cannot pre-register for classes until you have a zero balance. In order to register we must receive your final payment through Self-Service.

NOTE: The payments may take up 7 days to be applied to your student account. Self-Service has a processing time frame to ensure all payments are cleared with your banking institution.

Yes. You may PAY IN FULL at the Cashier's Office. If you wish to enroll in a payment plan, do not make a payment at the Cashier's Office. All payments will be processed electronically through Self-Service.

The information available on the Self-Service will give clear log in instructions. If you are still unable to log in, contact the OIT Help Desk at (573) 681-5888.

Monthly statements will be e-mailed to all students with a balance. Emails will be sent to the Lincoln University student email address. If you are currently enrolled in a payment plan through Self-Service, you will not need to take any action.

Refund Questions

The first refund dates are available online here.

See here for details on how to receive your refund.

A PLUS loan is borrowed by the parent, not the student. The proceeds of the loan are applied to the student account, and any refund created by the loan is disbursed as the PARENT instructs. The parent may elect to receive the refund personally or have it disbursed to the student.

Financial Aid Questions

The disbursement of your student loans will coincide with the date the loans are certified by Financial Aid Counselor. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (573) 681-6156 for more specific information about your disbursement dates. You may access the general refund schedule online here.

Student Loans taken out for one semester only must be paid in two installments. For example, if you requested a loan for the fall semester only, it will be disbursed by the lender in two payments.

You will receive a refund if the financial aid you receive is greater than the charges on your student account. You may also receive a refund if you drop a class within the refund period or if you have overpaid. The first refund dates are available online here. However, that date can fluctuate if there is a school holiday or other closing during the first two weeks.

Financial Aid can provide you with information about your financial aid awards including grants, scholarships, and student loans. Please contact Office of Student Financial Services at (573) 681-6156 with questions about your financial aid.

Paying for College Questions

The last day to make financial arrangements is generally the last business day before classes begin. That date is published on our website here, in the Lincoln University Bulletin, and the Schedule of Courses.

You will not receive a bill in the mail. All students must view their balances using Self-Service.

You will be charged tuition based on your residency and the program you attend. You will also be charged  additional fees such as activity, technology, course fees and a semester building maintenance fee. Further information is available on our website here.

Please review Self-Service to check your balances for the current semester.

Miscellaneous Questions

Colleges and Universities are required to provide students with a 1098T statement that lists qualified tuition expenses, grants, and scholarships. These tax statements are used in preparing your tax return. Information is available on our website here. If you have further questions, contact your tax preparer.

The 1042S is a tax statement issued to international students who have received scholarship income from the University. For further information, contact your tax preparer.

For information regarding the Midwest Student Exchange Program, contact the Office of Recruitment & New Student Engagement at (573) 681-4357.

Contact Us

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