Delinquent Accounts

Holds will be placed on your registration and transcripts when your account is past due or when you have other outstanding obligations, such as parking ticket, a library book that must be returned, etc. If your account is placed on hold, you will not be able to obtain transcripts, and in some cases you will not be able to register for classes.

The Student Accounts Office maintains account holds. Please be aware that the Student Accounts staff will not know the reason holds are placed on accounts if the hold originates in another department. You must contact the department that placed the hold to get that information.

If a student fails to pay his/her bills to Lincoln University, he/she may encounter the following consequences:

  • Placement of his/her account with an outside collection agency.
  • Collection costs will be added to his/her account which, in some cases, can exceed 50% of the original balance.
  • The delinquent status of his/her account may be reported to the State of Missouri, local credit bureaus, and national credit reporting agencies.
  • Damage to his/her credit rating.

Please remember that it is important to pay all debts at the University in order to avoid future problems.