2015-2016 Student Tuition and Fees

The following is the basic fee schedule for undergraduate and graduate students at Lincoln University. Basic fees include tuition and incidental fees, room and board, health insurance fees, and other miscellaneous fees.

NOTE: The Board of Curators reserves the right to change any fees whenever conditions or circumstances dictate.

Tuition and Incidental Fees
Fee Type Missouri Resident
(Incidental Fees)
Undergraduate Tuition (credit or audit)$205.00 per credit hour$418.00 per credit hour
Graduate Tuition (credit or audit)$285.00 per credit hour$530.00 per credit hour
Senior Citizen (audit only)$25.00 per semesterN/A

Off Campus Rates/Course Fees
Fee Type Charge
Fort Leonard Wood Nursing Science$287.25 per credit hour
FLW Non-Nursing Science Undergraduate Fee$221.00 per credit hour
Dual Credit Fee$75.00 per credit hour

Additional Tuition Related Fees
Fee Type Charge
Activity Fee$6.75 per credit hour
Technology Fee$150.00 per semester
Building Maintenance Fee$119.84 per semester
Wellness Fee$75.00 per semester
Late Registration Fee$75.00 per semester
General Lab Fees$30.00 per course
Nursing Lab Fees$50.00 per course
Computer Science Lab Fees (Course Dependent)$25.00 per course
Applied Music Lab Fees$69.00 per credit hour
Bowling Lab Fees$50.00 per course
Golf Lab Fees$70.00 per course
Online Fees$50.00 per course
Course Fees (Education - all courses with EDU, PEP, and SE prefix)$10.00 per credit hour
Course Fees (Social Work - SW 499 and 499L)$10.00 per credit hour
Course Fees (Business – all courses with ACC, BAD, BED, ECO, MKT, and PAD prefix)$15.00 per credit hour
Course Fees (Nursing - select courses excludes FLW and includes Surgical Technology)$10.00 per credit hour

Other Fees
Fee Type Charge
Health Insurance (International Students) (Fall/Spring/Summer)$787.00/$1,270.00/$535.00
Application Fee (General)$20.00 (Waiver of Fee)
Application Fee (Graduate & International Students)$30.00
Deferred Payment Plan Fee (Nelnet/Facts) Payment$25.00
Graduation Fee$40.00
Parking Permit (Non-Refundable)$42.00
Transcript Fee$5.00
Departmental Credit by Examination Fee$102.00 per credit hour

Housing Fall/Spring (Room & Board)
Fee Type Charge Per Semester
Double Room (Dawson, Perry)$1,533.00
Private Single Room (Dawson)$2,210.00
Private Double Room (Dawson, Perry)$2,500.00
Double Room w/Shared Bath (Anthony, Bennett, Hoard, Perry, Tull, Yates)$2,038.00
Single Room w/Private Bath (Anthony, Bennett)$2,749.00
Single Room w/Shared Bath (Anthony)$2,038.00
Apartment - 4 Person (Anthony)$3,039.00
Private Double w/Shared Bath (Bennett, Tull)$3,000.00
Private Double w/Private Bath (Anthony, Hoard, Yates)$2,885.00
Double Room w/Shared Bath (Sherman D. Scruggs)$2,285.00
Private Double w/Shared Bath (Sherman D. Scruggs)$3,000.00
Single Room w/Shared Bath (Sherman D. Scruggs)$2,551.00
Board (Unlimited Meal Plan)$1,502.00
Board (5 Meal Plan) Note: Offered to Off Campus Students, Faculty, Staff, and Anthony Hall Residents in Apartments with full kitchens ONLY$660.00
Board (3 Meal Plan) Note: Offered to Off Campus Students, Faculty, and Staff ONLY$282.00

Housing Summer (Room & Board)
Fee Type Charge
Double Room (Designated Halls)$766.00
Single Room (Designated Halls)$847.00
Board (14 Meal Plan)$728.00
Board (10 Meal Plan)$670.00