Political Science

If you are interested in American government and politics, public affairs, international affairs, the legal system, civil rights and other relevant issues, then political science may be a good major for you.

As a Political Science Major, you will gain both practical and theoretical understanding of the workings U.S. government and politics at all levels, as well as world affairs and international relations; gain crucial writing, communication and analytical skills that are essential in today's job market; gain necessary preparation for popular and rewarding career choices such as law, federal, state  and local government, public and international affairs, politics and non-profit organizations; gain valuable practical experience as an intern working at the State Capitol, State Government Agencies, Lobbying Firms, or Non-Profit Agencies – while receiving college credit; have the opportunity to be awarded scholarship funds, if you qualify, that will pay for most if not all of your tuition and books.


Amy Gossett, Ph.D.

Saidat O. Ilo, Ph.D.