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Department of Science, Technology and Mathematics


Science. Technology. Math. The study of this broad range of topics and all they encompass is nothing less than the study of the universe itself, and the forces that power it. Understanding these topics can also provide a base of knowledge and skill for a wide array of stimulating and high-paying careers.

Lincoln University of Missouri's Department of Science, Technology and Mathematics offers associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees in a variety of specialized areas. You will learn about essential theories and concepts while also developing the practical skill to put that knowledge to work in real-world situations and jobs.

In our small classes, you will have the time and space to explore key science, technology, and mathematical concepts and get the individual attention from your professors that will help you take your learning to the next level. Our faculty members are fully invested in your education; many are also engaged in active research and offer valuable resume-building opportunities to assist in that work.

Through partnerships with many businesses in the Jefferson City area, you will have access to many internship opportunities to gain even more hands-on experience. We also offer numerous evening classes that are open to and convenient for working students.

Many graduates from this department go on to careers in chemistry, computer information systems, technology, or many other science-related fields. Other graduates continue their education in professional programs specializing in education, engineering, medical, dental, pharmacy and veterinary schools. Indeed, our pre-engineering associate degree program provides the foundation for study and enrollment at any engineering school in the nation, while a degree in mathematics offers an understanding of numbers and equations that can have value in a number of areas, from the sciences to business. Several of our majors go on to graduate school as well.

No matter what area you choose, the Department of Science, Technology and Mathematics offers an education you can truly put to work. Enroll today to get started.

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Department of Science, Technology and Mathematics
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