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Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources & Related Sciences (MANRRS)

"Changing the Face of Agriculture by Linking Hands Around the World."


College of Agricultural and Natural Sciences
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Julius Moody, USDA Agricultural Liaison Officer 
Julius Moody
USDA Agricultural Liaison Officer
MANRRS Advisor
108 Bennett Hall
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102
Phone: (573) 681-5108



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MANRRS is a national non-profit organization. The Lincoln University MANRRS chapter compromises of approximately 25 students and 2 advisors. LU MANRRS strives to teach marketing goals and outreach and extension.

MANRRS is a national society that welcomes membership of people of all racial and ethnic group participation in agricultural and related sciences careers. MANRRS members are encouraged to be full participants in other professional societies for their basic disciplinary and career interests. However, MANRRS attempts to provide networks to support professional development of minorities. It is a springboard for their entry into and advancement in careers where they otherwise could be lost in the sheer number and established connections of mainstream participants. For student members, MANRRS provides role models and networking opportunities. MANRRS also offers students opportunities to enhance leadership and organizational and public speaking skills, and to experience professional critique of scholarly worked in a “user-friendly” environment.


Lincoln University MANRRS