Major Field Assessment

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Assessment of student-learning objectives and program objectives within the major fields of study at Lincoln University is accomplished using multiple assessment measures. Use of multiple assessment measures allows faculty to determine whether students have met the objectives of the program and allows students to receive periodic reports of their progress and follow-up advice. Primary emphasis is placed on the major field exit examination required by each degree program.

Major Field Exit Examination Requirement

Each graduating senior is required to take the major field examination in his/her major. A student who fails to take the major field exit examination will be denied permission to register for the succeeding semester, or if in the final semester, will be restricted from graduating.
This policy is clearly outlined in the Lincoln University Undergraduate Bulletin and will be strictly enforced.


Major Field Exit Examinations:

College of Agricultural, Environmental and Human Sciences

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

  • Agriculture-locally developed exit exam
  • Agribusiness-locally developed exit exam
  • Environmental Science-locally developed exit exam

College of Arts and Sciences

Science, Technology, and Mathematics

  • Biology-ETS Major Field Test in Biology
  • Biology Education-MoCA and MoPTA
  • Chemisty-ETS Major Field Test in Chemistry
  • Chemistry Education-MoCA and MoPTA
  • Civil-Engineering Technology-locally developed exit exam
  • Clinical Laboratory Science-ETS Major Field Test in Biology
  • Computer Information Systems-locally developed exit exam
  • Mathematics-locally developed exit exam
  • Mathematics Education-MoCA and MoPT
  • Physics-ETS Major Field Test in Physics
  • Physics Education-MoCA and MoPTA

Humanities and Communication

  • Art Education-MoCA and MoPTA
  • English-ETS Major Field Test Literature in English
  • English Education-MoCA and MoPTA
  • Fine/Studio Arts-Senior Art Exhibit
  • Journalism-locally developed exit exam

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Criminal Justice Administration-ETS Major Field Test in Criminal Justice
  • History-ACAT History
  • Political Science-ETS Major Field Test in Political Science
  • Psychology-ETS Major Field Test in Psychology
  • Sociology-ETS Major Field Test in Sociology
  • Social Work-ACAT Social Work
  • Social Science Education-MoCA and MoPTA

College of Professional Studies

School of Business

  • Accounting-Peregrine Test
  • Business Administration-Peregrine Test
  • Marketing-Peregrine Test
  • Public Administration-Peregrine Test
  • Business Education-MoCA and MoPTA

School of Nursing

  • Nursing (AAS) at Fort Leonard Wood Campus-preceptor evaluations, graduate survey, and NCLEX Test
  • Nursing (BSN)-preceptor evaluations, graduate survey, and NCLEX Test
  • Nursing (RN-BSN)-preceptor evaluations and graduate survey

School of Education

  • Elementary Education-MoCA and MoPTA
  • Middle School Education-MoCA and MoPTA
  • Special Education-MoCA and MoPTA
  • Physical Education-MoCA and MoPTA
  • Wellness-Wellness Program Development Portfolio

Liberal Studies

  •  Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS)-capstone requirement 


Additional Information

More detailed information about major field assessment can be found in the Lincoln University Undergraduate Bulletin. To obtain a copy of the Lincoln University Undergraduate Bulletin, please contact the Registrar Office (B4 Young Hall).

Questions regarding the major field exit examination requirement should be directed to the appropriate academic department.