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Arts & Letters Literary Journal

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Arts & Letters  Literary Journal

The English department sponsors the Arts & Letters literary journal. Lincoln University undergraduate students enrolled in ENG 474: Internship in Editing and Publishing produce this journal each spring. The journal showcases creative writing and art produced by Lincoln University students. Students whose work is selected for publication need not major or minor in the discipline of English, but many of them do. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. This dynamic course, and the beautiful magazine it produces, offers our undergraduates valuable experience in editorial work and publishing. Students chosen for publication can then use that publication credit on applications, resumes, and curricula vitae.

Each spring, the journal affords our students the opportunity to interview major, international literary figures. These interviews are conducted, recorded, edited, and spotlighted in each issue. Since 2013, interviews featured in our magazine include Pulitzer Prize Winner Tracy K. Smith, National Book Award Winner Nikky Finney, and Poets' Prize Winner and Director of the Tampa MFA Program Erica Dawson. These women, all African-American writers, exhibit our magazine's inflexible commitment to diversity.

Before spring 2013, Arts & Letters was known as Under One Sun. Beginning spring 2013 the magazine underwent a complete redesign. Its new design includes offset printing, coated pages, color inserts, and a handsome binding. These choices were student-driven. Issues of the journal can be found all over the Lincoln University campus, in high-traffic areas, and at locations around Jefferson City, Missouri. Some of the locations include partnerships with local businesses such as Dunn Bros. Coffee, Three Story Coffee, and Arris' Pizza. The journal is free, and a great way to let Lincoln University students tell their story to not only the student population, but the Mid-Missouri community at large.

Professor Elijah Burrell teaches ENG 474: Internship in Editing and Publishing and works as the faculty sponsor/advisor for Arts & Letters.