Lincoln University maintains a state of the art datacenter to service the technology needs of its campus. The datacenter boasts a broad range of leading technologies that help LU keep up with the ever changing and dynamic needs of IT today. Here are some of the exciting technologies that Lincoln University utilizes:

  • A high speed Gigabit Ethernet network consisting of copper and fiber optics serves all buildings on campus with circuits ranging from 1Gb to 10Gb.
  • Wireless thin-client network campus-wide consisting of approximately 250 access points in 37 buildings.
  • Faculty/Staff office telephones are provided through VoIP technology and utilizes e911 technology.
  • Residence hall rooms have both Wired and Wireless Ethernet.
  • The campus utilizes 200Mb of a 1Gb Internet circuit through its internet service provider (ISP) MOREnet.
  • That Datacenter is designed for high availability through the use of independent heating and cooling systems from the main building, UPS backup, and a diesel generator. It is maintained at a constant temperature and humidity to optimize equipment lifetime.
  • The Server infrastructure utililizes Virtualization and Storage technologies which provides many features such as Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Load Balancing, and power savings.
  • A secondary on campus facility is utilized for Data Replication along with an offsite tape backup storage location for disaster recovery.
  • Cloud Computing services are also in use to compliment the onsite services and provide advanced technology to the campus.
  • A "Universal" user name and password for authentication of many different applications is utilized to maximize user simplicity and security.
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) facilitates one click authentication to varoius applications from the BlueTigerportal.