Freshman Information

Freshman Information

Welcome to Lincoln University! Now that you have gained admission to Lincoln, the next step is to find a place to live! We are glad you made the decision to join us here at Lincoln University and are excited to help you during your transition to campus living. To assist you in settling into your new environment, we have put together some information that will benefit you as a new student on our campus!


Campus Living

Advantages to living on campus

For some of you, this will be your first experience living on your own and assuming responsibility for yourself. For others, this may be a time of change: from a community college to that of a four-year institution. For everyone, this is a time of transition and we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best educational experience possible by facilitating your connection to educational and social opportunities in and out of the classroom.

You will have the camaraderie of sharing living experiences with other students, many of whom you might never meet anywhere else. Sharing a common living space will give you insight into varied cultures and lifestyles, while enriching your future and stimulating your educational growth. Friendship formed in our residence halls often last a lifetime.

Students are not required to live in University Residences. However, living in a residence hall or on-campus apartment is a unique experience which provides an opportunity to meet people and explore new ideas and ways of relating to others. It is an important part of the educational process, in which students are encouraged to be involved in activities and programs, and to assume individual and community responsibility.

Professional and student staff members provide academic support, personal advisement, conflict resolution and programming. They also assist residents in developing a sense of community in which students can feel included and at home while in residence at Lincoln University.

Numerous student leadership opportunities are available, including volunteer positions in hall government and on committees, as well as paid positions working with residential staff. Lincoln strongly encourages students to be active, involved citizens in their residential communities.


Living on campus ensures easy access to the heart of the University: your classes, the library, recreation facilities, campus activities, dining commons, cafes and campus resources. This will leave you with more time for studying, fun with friends and involvement in the community.


The residence halls are active and social places. You will find a variety of activities designed to orient you to campus resources, with opportunities to meet new people and promote a healthy balanced life. Living among friends provides the ideal environment for exploring new ideas and ways of relating to others.