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College Renter's Insurance

College Renter's Insurance

Lincoln University Housing offers college renter's insurance for students living in on-campus housing. Our renter’s insurance is through GradGuard and may be purchased when completing the housing application.


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As noted in your housing agreement, Lincoln University of Missouri does not assume any financial responsibility for the personal property of students. We strongly recommend that all students obtain rental insurance prior to moving in. Here are some scenarios in which renters’ insurance can help:

  • 💻 You leave your laptop in the library unattended as you grab lunch, to later find that it was stolen.
  • 🔥 You return to your residence hall after class, to find that someone accidentally caused a fire on your floor and the smoke ruined all your clothes, books, and bedding.
  • 💦 You accidentally hang your clothes on the sprinkler head. Water damage destroys your stuff and the belongings of other residents on your floor.

We have partnered with GradGuard, which offers a College Renters Insurance Plan specifically designed for students. For about $14 per month, GradGuard can protect you in the scenarios listed above and more. As part of this process, your higher education institution will share your first name, last name, and email with GradGuard to make the sign-up process easier.

If you choose to decline insurance, GradGuard will not retain your information or contact you without your consent.

*By indicating your interest in the GradGuard program, you are permitting your higher education institution to share your name and email address with GradGuard.

Renters Insurance is underwritten by Markel American Insurance Company, Waukesha, WI. Claims and coverage subject to policy, language, limits and exclusions. GradGuard™ is a service of Next Generation Insurance Group, LLC, the licensed insurance agency for Markel Insurance Company.

When you start your housing application and get to the GradGaurd page, click Continue, you will be redirected to the website for GradGuard. When you are finished, you will be redirected back to Self Service to continue with your application.

If you already have already completed the housing application for the following academic year, and opted out of the insurance option, you can visit GradGaurd Renters Insurance to get coverage.