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Earn your Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Lincoln University.

Connect and engage with our innovative programming designed to provide you with the professional tools and networks to launch your business career or give your current career the heavy fuel it needs for the next tier of success. Develop your management and leadership skills, better understand finance and technology, and enter into an international business network that will provide you with endless possibilities. We provide the flexibility to pursue your professional focus with emphasis areas in agribusiness, accounting, management, and management information systems.

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Embark on a transformative journey with our MBA program, specializing in Accounting, where precision meets strategy. Gain an in-depth understanding of financial landscapes, honing your expertise in auditing, taxation, and financial reporting. Join a dynamic community that fosters not just academic growth but propels your career into the echelons of financial leadership.

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Elevate your career trajectory with our MBA program, specializing in Management, where visionary leadership meets strategic execution. Cultivate the art of goal-setting, strategy development, and organizational prowess. Dive into a curriculum that molds you into a dynamic leader, equipped to navigate the complexities of modern business environments with finesse and innovation.

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Ignite your professional journey with our MBA program, spotlighting Management Information Systems, where tech prowess converges with strategic acumen. Master the art of problem identification and unleash the power of technology to craft innovative solutions and seize strategic opportunities. Elevate your skills in harnessing information systems, propelling yourself into the forefront of businesses poised for digital transformation and unparalleled success.

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Embark on a specialized path with our MBA program, focusing on Agribusiness, where the intersection of agriculture and business acumen propels you into a realm of impactful public service. Acquire the accepted professional credentials needed for a meaningful career in public service, blending agricultural expertise with strategic business skills. Unleash your potential to contribute to the growth and sustainability of agribusiness, forging a unique and essential role in the public service sector.

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