Application Process and Materials

Application Process and Materials

To be considered for admission to the social work program, students must submit the following materials to the Social Work Program:

  • BSW Application
  • A transcript from each college attended
  • One academic reference form (from faculty outside of the social work program)
  • One professional reference form
  • A professional resume, which details work, volunteer experience, awards/recognition and professional skills
  • A personal statement to include the following:
    • What is your understanding of the social work profession?
    • What motivated or contributed to your decision to be a social work major?
    • Discuss areas of strength that wil help you as a social worker
    • Discuss areas of weakness that may challenge your ability to be a social worker
    • What are your career goals and areas of interest in social work?
    • Provide a summary statement highlighting important parts of your personal statement.


Application Review and Decisions

A careful review of the application and supporting documents occurs once criteria for admission are completed by faculty. Students will receive a formal communication by the social work program director about their acceptance into the social work major.

If an application is incomplete a letter is forwarded to the student indicating the missing material(s). A decision is rendered after the completed application and all required materials are received and have been evaluated.