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Lincoln University of Missouri (LU) is partnering with Metropolitan Community College (MCC) as a guaranteed admission partner. Through the Guaranteed Admission Program, you will be enrolled as a student at both LU and MCC and then may transfer to LU, after meeting certain criteria including specific coursework and a minimum number of transferable credit hours, for the Criminal Justice Administration program. 

At Lincoln and MCC, education is within reach! At Lincoln, you will find power in together — where the people walking beside you, those who came before, and those leading the way are all here for your success. One of a select group of HBCUs in the nation, Lincoln offers flat-rate tuition, plus merit and need-based scholarships, to help transfer students find success and achieve their dreams.


  • Students must maintain a cummulative grade point avererage of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • A maximum of 60 credit hours will be accepted by Lincoln from MCC to be applied to the Bachelor of Arts or Science.

This section provides a program articulation from the Associate in Arts: Criminal Justice Emphasis at MCC to the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration at Lincoln.


Program Plan:

Years One and Two:
Associate in Arts: Criminal Justice Emphasis

General Education
ANTH 110 Cultural Anthropology 3 credit hours
ART 108 Survey of Art 3 credit hours
Biological Science (lab or non-lab) 3-5 credit hours
COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech 3 credit hours
ENGL 101 Composition & Reading I 3 credit hours
ENGL 102 Composition & Reading II 3 credit hours
GEOL 101 Physical Geology (lab) 5 credit hours
HIST 120 United States History to 1865 OR 3 credit hours
HIST 121 United States History since 1865 OR 3 credit hours
POLS 136 Introduction to U.S. National Politics 3 credit hours
HIST 133 Foundations of Western Civilization OR 3 credit hours
HIST 134 Modern Western Civilization 3 credit hours
MATH 115 Statistics 3 credit hours
MUSI 116: Evolution of Jazz 3 credit hours
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy 3 credit hours
PSYC 140 General Psychology 3 credit hours
SOCI 160 Sociology 3 credit hours 

44-46 credit hours

Major Courses
CRJU 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 credit hours
CRJU 105 American Corrections 3 credit hours
CRJU 167 Special Topics in Criminal Justice 1 credit hours
CRJU 168 Juvenile Delinquency 3 credit hours
CRJU 169 Family Violence and Sexual Abuse 3 credit hours
CRJU 228 Fundamentals of Probation and Parole 3 credit hours

16 credit hours

(60-62 credit hours Total)

Years Three and Four:
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

General Education
General Education Elective 3 credits

Major Courses
Criminal Justice Electives 300-400 level 9 credits
CJ 204 Introduction to Policing 3 credits
CJ 320 Criminal Procedure 3 credits
CJ 340 American Court System 3 credits
CJ 345 Contemporary Issues in CJ 3 credits
CJ 351 Ethnicity in Criminal Justice 3 credits
CJ 390 Theories of Crime 3 credits
CJ 410 Administration of Justice 3 credits
CJ 475 Criminal Law 3 credits
CJ 485 CJ Research Methods 3 credits 

Upper Division Requirement
300-400 Level General Electives 16 credits

120 Semester Hour Requirement
Elective or Additional Major Course 3-5 credits


Total Hours 120 credits

  • Apply to Lincoln University.
  • Request official transcripts from MCC and other educational institutions you have attended.

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