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Small Ruminant Events: Scrapie Flock Certification Program (SFCP) Election Information (New due date: November 18, 2013)

During the mid 1970s, Lincoln University established its first sheep flock and in the mid 1980s a goat herd was added. In 2000, the meat goat industry began to boom and Lincoln University Cooperative Extension (LUCE) recognized its potential for growth. In 2008, the university stepped forward and became the lead in Missouri to promote the small ruminant industry through extension and research.

Presently, 182 Boer goats, 69 Dorset sheep and 97 Katahdin sheep reside at George Washington Carver Farm. LUCE serves the leadership role and promotion of eXension Goat Industry Community of Practice. Visit for more information.

As new research efforts focus on current production issues such as foot rot, genetics, grazing studies, natural parasite control, and brush control using goats and sheep, LUCE focuses on providing these findings to producers.

For more information on the LUCE Small Ruminant Program contact:

Dr. Charlotte Clifford-Rathert
State Extension Specialist - Small Ruminant

Dr. Jodie Pennington
Southwest Region - Regional Educator
Newton County Extension Center
Smith Hall (Crowder College)
601 Laclede Avenue
Neosho, MO 64850-9165
Phone: (417) 455-9500
Fax: (417) 455-9505

Dr. Helen Swartz
Professor/State Extension Specialist/Research Investigator

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