Lucille Bluford


Armistead Pride

  • Lucille Bluford is pictured here in a typical pose as she worked at the Kansas City Call. She was denied admission to The University of Missouri Columbia Journalism program in 1939 because she was black. In February of 1942 The Lincoln University School of Journalism was established as a separate program for black students. Thelma Berlack Boozer was Lincoln's first dean of journalism.
  • Armistead Pride was named dean in 1943, and later served as director of what became the Journalism Department until 1975. He was the first African-American to earn a PhD in journalism. He established the Unity Awards in Media, which remains the oldest recognition for excellence in media through efforts that reflect accurate exposure of issues affecting minorities and disabled persons.

1937 Clarion staff

Journalism Interns

  • Lincoln University had a student newspaper before it had a journalism program. The paper became a production of journalism students after the program was established. For many years the paper was even printed on campus by students. Here, members of the 1937 Clarion staff, left to right; Charles Madison, editor; Augustus Low, first associate and James Merritt, business manager go over figures with their advisor, far left.
  • Former Clarion Editor Gabrielle Hayes participated in an internship program at Time magazine between her junior and senior years. She is the second from the right among the people sitting at the table in this picture of the group of people who participated in the program.


Journalism Faculty:

  • Wyoming Rossett


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