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Do you have a passion for art?

Are you committed to teaching the next generation of artists or exploring a creative career? 

Consider a Bachelor of Science in art education from Lincoln University. LU provides a positive environment where you can explore your own creativity, express yourself through art and learn how to shape the minds of the worlds future artists.

The art program at Lincoln is committed to helping students explore and perfect the individual expression of their own identities asartists and persons. LU faculty provide a positive environment where students can explore their own creativity and freely express themselves through art.

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Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science 

  • Education with a major in Art 
  • Fine/Studio Art

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You know you are creative, but will you do it as an artist or art teacher? Or if you're a leader, will you take charge of a business or lead a team of journalists?

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Professor of Art Education 
213 Richardson Fine Arts Center 
820 Chestnut Street 
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