In Case of Fire

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In Case of Fire


  1. Immediately pull the fire alarm.

  2. Dial 5555 to notify LUPD and give: 
  • Location
  • Building Name, Room, & Floor Number
  • Type of Material Involved (if known) and Description of the Situation
  • Note if anyone is injured and request ambulance if necessary.

LUPD will notify Mr. Clay, the Hazardous Materials Compliance Officer (HMCO) if the fire occurs in a Lab.

  1. If it is a small fire and you are designated person trained on how to use a fire extinguisher attempt to put out the fire. 

    (see small fire instructions below) 

  1. If posssible turn of all ignition sources in room before you leave.

  2. When a fire alarm sounds, complete evacuation is required. Walk,  do not run, to the nearest stairway exit and proceed to ground level.  Close doors as you leave. The alarm may not  sound continuously.  If the alarm stops, continue the evacuation and warn others who may attempt to enter the building after the alarm stops.


  4. Leave the building and move away from it, leaving walks and drives open for arriving fire fighters. Proceed to a prearranged safe area for a head count. click here for addition instructions for those with disabilities
  5. The HMCO, LUPD, or faculty member who knows the area involved should meet the fire department.

  6. Everyone must follow the orders of the Fire and Police Departments when they arrive. 

  7. Notify fire fighters on the scene if you suspect someone may be trapped inside the building.

  8. Report potential hazards or address fire prevention questions to the Hazardous Materials Compliance Officer at ext. 5497

Small Fires

  • Typical rule of thumb a small fire is about the size of a waste basket.  If small fire is rapidily spreading do not use an extinguisher


Only Fight Small Fires If:

  • You are familiar with the material that is on fire, understand all associated hazards, and feel comfortable dealing with it.
  • You have the correct extinguisher for that material.
  • Fire is small enough that it can be put out by an extinguisher.
  • You are a designated person that has been properly trained to use a fire extinguisher.


Small fires can be extinguished without evacuation, but you must constantly evaluate and be ready to evacuate if the fire cannot be controlled. NEVER ENTER A SMOKE-FILLED ROOM.


Instructions on Fire Extinguisher Usage

  1. Maintain an acessible Exit
  2. Avoid Smoke and Fumes
  3. Smother The Fire or Use the Correct Extinguisher. (Remember P.A.S.S.)  
  4. If fire is NOT extinguished immediately evacuate and get help

*Please notify Buildings and Grounds to replace the exhausted extinguisher.