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Youth Development - Kansas City Urban Impact Center

Program Title: 4-H Youth Development

Program Location: Kansas City, Missouri


  • 4-H instruction.
  • Life skills training.
  • Cultural diversity training and implementation.
  • Social skills training.
  • Leadership training and implementation.
  • Public Speaking instruction.
  • Self-development instruction.

Summary:  The objectives of these programs are to provide educational assistance, diversity awareness, positive self-image, social skills and developmental leadership skills..


  • Youth became more positive about themselves and there was an improvement in 95% of students GPAs.
  • Students became more diverse and enhanced their social skills interacting with students from other areas and cultures.

Youth Futures


For more information, contact:

Ms. Marion Halim, Regional Coordinator
Lincoln University Cooperative Extension
Urban Impact Center of Kansas City
1028 Paseo Boulevard
Kansas City, MO  64106
Phone: (816) 841-3959