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Request for Check

Download the Request for Check Form

Instructions for the Request for Check Form

Generally, Accounts Payable issues checks to pay a vendor upon receipt of an invoice with a valid purchase order. However, there are instances when a check must be written without an invoice. In these circumstances, the Request for Check Form must be used to notify Accounts Payable to issue the check.

  1. Checkbox - Reason for Request

    Mark the appropriate box as to the purpose of the request as defined below:

    • Travel Advance - When a traveler is with a group of students and is responsible for their meals, complete this form and mark this area. Be sure to include a list of participating students. Receipts of travel expenses incurred must be submitted within one week of return utilizing the Travel Expense Voucher (TEV).
    • Lodging - Most hotels do not take a purchase order and require payment at the time of service. Receipts from these hotels must be returned to Accounts Payable within one week of your return.

      NOTE: Accounts Payable does NOT mail checks to hotels. The check must be picked up from the Cashiers by the traveler.

    • Registration - For all prepaid registrations, submit a copy of the registration form along with the Request for Check Form. This information must include details such as the cost of registration, attendees and the remit to address. Failure to provide this information will delay check processing.
    • Vendor Requires Prepayment - Unless necessary, avoid using vendors that do not accept university purchase orders. However, there are vendors that no longer accept purchase orders (Some of these vendors include Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Sears). If unsure if the vendor accepts purchase orders, contact Purchasing for verification. Receipt(s) from the vendor must be submitted to Accounts Payable within one week of purchase.

      NOTE: As the University is a tax-exempt organization, any sales tax paid by an employee to a vendor is NOT reimbursable. The employee should take a copy of the University's tax-exempt letter to the vendor at the time of making the purchase. A copy of the tax-exempt letter may be obtained from Accounts Payable, Cashiers, or Office of Administration and Finance.

  2. Text Field - Contact Person
    • Enter the full name of the university employee that completed the requisition or who would be able to answer questions about the request.
  3. Text Field - Phone #
    • Enter the phone number of the employee listed as the "Contact Person" in the previous field.
  4. Text Field - Date Needed
    • Do NOT enter today's date or ASAP. This should be a realistic date in the future based upon when the check is needed and the Check Processing Schedule.
  5. Text Field - Req #
    • The requisition number provided by Datatel is required.

      NOTE: The requisitioner is responsible for ensuring the requisition is approved and assigned a purchase order number. Accounts Payable is NOT responsible for following up on requisitions.

  6. Text Field - BPO #/PO #
    • Enter the purchase order number assigned to the requisition, if known.
  7. Text Field - Payable to
    • Enter the vendor name to whom the check is to be made payable. If a hotel, include the address to ensure the check is made payable to the correct location.
  8. Text Field - Account Number
    • Enter the general ledger account number(s) to be used to pay this vendor. This is especially important when there are multiple accounts listed on the purchase order. Please include the allocation to each account.
  9. Text Field - Amount of Check
    • Enter the amount of the check.
  10. Checkbox - Check is to be

    Mark the appropriate box to indicate to Accounts Payable and the Cashiers how to process the check once it has been issued:

    • Mailed - The employee must ensure that the complete address of the vendor is either indicated in Other Instructions field or included in the attached documentation.

      NOTE: Hotel checks must be picked up at the Cashiers. They will NOT be mailed.

    • Picked Up By - Enter the full name of the employee who will pick up the check from the Cashiers.
  11. Text Field - Hotel Confirmation
    • Enter the hotel confirmation number provided by the hotel, if the "Reason for Request" checkbox is marked as lodging.
  12. Text Field - Other Instructions
    • Enter any additional information that Accounts Payable needs to have in order to process the request in a timely manner.

Request for Check Form Processing

The deadline for a valid submission is by Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled check run day on Wednesday.  (See Check Processing Schedule for further details). Any forms submitted after this time may not be processed until the next available check run day. If the submission is incomplete, it will not be processed until it becomes a valid submission. A valid submission is one that has been completed as outlined above and a purchase order has been assigned to the requisition. If a purchase order number has not been assigned, the requisitioner is responsible for contacting Purchasing.

For Prepayments/Cash Advances any unused funds must be returned to the Cashiers within one working day. The Cashiers will provide you with a receipt. The receipt should be submitted to Accounts Payable along with the following documentation within one week:

  • If the unused cash is from a Prepayment, the cashier receipt should be submitted to Accounts Payable along with the original vendor receipts.
  • If the unused cash is from a Cash Advance, the cashier receipt should be submitted to Accounts Payable along with a Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) and the original vendor receipts.