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Insurance Information

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Insurance Information


Liability/Auto Claims  (Motor Vehicles and General Liability)

The state provides liability coverage for its agencies and employees through the State Legal Expense Fund, including Lincoln University.  The state is immune to liability claims filed in state courts except for the waivers of sovereign immunity.  Risk Management administers claims for property damage and bodily injury directly resulting from negligent acts or omissions by public employees arising out of the operation of motor vehicles within the course of their employment and for injuries caused by dangerous conditions of state property.

If you are asked to provide an insurance certificate to a third party, forward the original request from the intended recipient with any/all attachments to: Please allow a few days for your request to be processed.


 Property insurance policies maintained by Risk Management and utilized by Lincoln University include:

  • Property Coverage for Contractual Obligations
  • Automobile Physical Damage

Employee Faithful Performance Bond

The State of Missouri purchases dishonesty/faithful performance bonds with limits of $1,000,000 to protect the State from dishonest acts of its employees or a loss to the State sustained through the failure of an employee to faithfully perform his/her duties or to account properly for all monies, his/her position or employment.

Workers' Compensation (CARO)

The State of Missouri, as a self-insurer, administered its workers' compensation program through the Office of Administration, Central Accident Reporting Office (CARO). The program covers all state employees as defined in 105.800 RSMO., excluding employees within the Department of Transportation, Missouri State Highway Patrol and the University of Missouri system.
  • The CARO office is devoted to providing timely workers' compensation benefits to state employees and the agencies it serves. CARO utilizes a preferred provider network, a medical referral service and case management designed to provide prompt quality medical care in an economical manner.

  • Please contact Lincoln University’s Human Resources Department with any questions regarding worker’s compensation.

Other Insurance

Lincoln University maintains additional insurance for the benefit of our students, including:
  • Student Health
  • Student Athlete
  • Student Nursing / Surgical Technologists