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Risk Management

Risk Management's mission is to protect the assets of the institution against losses that might adversely affect its operation and continuity of services. This is done through a program of identifying and assessing hazards and loss exposures and then determining the best techniques to avoid, control, assume or transfer risk.

Risk Management touches the areas of insurance, worker's compensation and safety. This site will provide vehicular travel information and information on reporting employee injuries, motor vehicle accidents and accidents on state property. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or comments and look forward to serving your needs.

More detailed information concerning Lincoln University's Risk Management programs can be found by investigating one of the following areas:

Vehicular Travel Information

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Accident Reporting Information

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Insurance Information

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Legal Resource 

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The TULIP program provides special event liability coverage. It is used by institutions that permit "third parties" to use their facilities for specific events. It is designed for third party users who do not carry liability insurance and is offered at a low cost. It is event-specific and can also cover vendors, performers and exhibitors, if needed. It protects both the institution user (the third party) and the institution against claims by third parties who may be injured or experience damage to property as a result of participating in an event.

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