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School of Education Certificate Programs



  • Clear your mind of preconceived ideas and perceptions
  • Reveal your true potential by uncovering your creative potential
  • Engage in the process of learning, understanding, and connecting
  • Apply your realized potential to making a difference
  • Transcend normalcy to move beyond the status quo
  • Evolve into using your creativity to affect your life and the world around you

The School of Education works with the departments of Fine Arts, Communication, and English to offer a certificate designed to inspire individuals and make a difference. The Create certificate is open to all majors and professionals wishing to enhance their skills in the competitive job market.

Coursework for the CREATE Certificate

12 Credit Hours
Pre-Requisite Course: EDU 451 

EDU 451 Technology for All I - 3 hrs (Online)

In this course, students will be introduced to current technologies used in the teaching and learning process. Students will gain a basic understanding of concepts related to desktop publishing, web page design, Smart Notebook lessons designed for Smart Boards, and other relevant technologies through a hands on approach. Students will CREATE artifacts related to, but not limited to:

  • Web Page Design
  • Visual Literacy
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Smart Board Use and Smart Notebook Design
  • Technology Infused Lesson Design

EDU 452 Technology for All II - 3hrs (Online)

In this course, students will engage in hands on activities related to current technologies in the teaching and learning process. Students will use various programs to create interactive, and engaging artifacts for the active teacher and learner. Students will CREATE artifacts related to, but not limited to:

  • Web Page Design
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Interactive e-Poster - Glogster
  • Interactive Lesson Design - Sway and Nearpod
  • Google Apps
  • Advanced Use of the Smart Board
  • Internet Safety - Digital Citizenship

EDU 454 Digital Storytelling - 3 hrs (Online)

In this course, students will engage in digital storytelling through photography, interactive posters, podcasts, and movie making. Through this process students will think critically, logically, and personally about meaningful and impactful stories in their lives, and CREATE stories of their own.

  • Script writing
  • Creating storyboards
  • Visual Literacy
  • Podcast production through Audacity or other free audio production programs
  • Movie production through Shotcut or other free movie making programs
  • Using Google Drawings to create a poster

EDU 456 Digital Photography - 3 hrs (Online)

In this course, students will engage in discovering photographic techniques that underlie effective photography. With this skill set, students will create digital photographs on various topics. Students will provide feedback on their own photos and other students' photos throughout the class. In the culminating project, students will CREATE a website highlighting their best work throughout the course.

  • Basic photographic techniques
  • Analysis of photos
  • Creating digital photos
  • Resolution (Quality) of images
  • Using WIX to create a digital photography portfolio
  • Basic photo manipulation through Photoscape, or other free graphics programs


College Student Mental Health Certificate

The College Student Mental Health Graduate Certificate program is designed to better prepare college student affairs personnel to identify and respond effectively to the mental health needs of a diverse population of college and university students.  College student affairs personnel with or without a master’s degree can gain valuable skills to enhance their work with college students.