Financial Aid Resources and Other Helpful Websites

Federal Student Aid Information Center 1-800-433-3243

The Information Center can:

  1. Assist in completing the FAFSA
    2. Explain federal student aid eligibility requirements
    3. Explain the financial aid process
    4. Send federal student aid publications to you

Department of Education Websites:

The Student Guide

  • This site provides an overview of Student Financial Assistance (SFA) Programs and how to apply for them

FAFSA on the Web

  • This site allows you to complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid online. For general information and technical assistance call 1-800-801-0576

Other Websites:

The Financial Aid Information Page

  • This website is the most comprehensive site of financial aid information on the Internet and provides links to other financial aid websites

Loan Calculators/Repayment Information

  • Offers the opportunity to calculate various repayment plans

Scholarship Strategies

  • This site is the Internet's largest free scholarship search engine

Other Financial Aid Websites
(Tells you everything you need know about student aid)
(To request a FSA ID to access your student aid history on-line. Use it to correct your Student Aid Report)
(Provides information regarding Tax Payer Relief Credit for Education)
(Student Guide to Financial Aid)
(Information on college and degree programs)
(Registration for Selective Service)
(Information on preparing for ACT and SAT)

Miscellaneous Financial Aid Information

The following links are to news articles that pertain to financial aid which we thought would be of interest to you.

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