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Student Aid Report

After your completed FAFSA is received by the processing system, the processor will produce a Student Aid Report (SAR). The SAR will report the information from your application and if there are no questions or problems with your application, your SAR will report your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), the number used in determining your eligibility for federal student aid. Your results will be sent to you and the schools that you listed on your application.

If your SAR is selected for a review process called verification, you will need to submit financial and household information to the Office of Student Financial Services. For more information regarding the verification process, please review the page about verification.

Financial aid awards cannot be finalized until the required tax returns and other appropriate documents have been submitted and reviewed.

Enrollment Requirements

Your actual financial aid award is based on the enrollment status you indicated on your FAFSA. Adjustments will be made in accordance with your actual registration for courses. However, it is your responsibility to notify the Office of Student Financial Services of any enrollment changes. Failure to do so may result in repayment of all or part of certain financial aid. Dually enrolled students must complete and file a consortium agreement before any financial aid adjustments can be made for the term.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAPP)

All financial aid recipients must satisfy the academic requirements as defined by the Office of Student Financial Services. Failure to comply with the SAPP may result in the cancellation or termination of your financial aid. Copies of the SAPP are available in the Office of Student Financial Services, in the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins, or online.

Undergraduate SAP Appeal Application

Graduate SAP Appeal Application