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Verification Policy

Students who submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may be randomly selected by the federal government's Central Processing System (CPS) for a review known as "Verification." This review requires staff in a financial aid office to compare the information submitted on the FAFSA with information on documents submitted by the student (upon request) to their school's financial aid office.  Each required verification item will be reviewed by a financial aid staff member according to regulations provided in the Federal Student Aid Handbook.  If there are differences found between the FAFSA and the documents submitted, staff will make needed corrections to the FAFSA and send it to the CPS to be updated. The student will be notified via email if there are corrections the student must make themselves.

Submission of additional documentation is not optional for students who are selected for verification. A federal award cannot be determined or awarded until verification has been completed. 

A student's FAFSA, if selected, will be assigned to 1 of 3 current verification tracking groups by the CPS.  Each group has a requirement for specific documents to be submitted to the school.

 For ANY given year, these groups are as follows:

 1. Standard Verification Group (V1)

 2. Custom Verification Group    (V4)

 3. Aggregate Verification Group (V5)

Required Documents and Deadlines

If the student's financial aid application is selected for verification an email communication will be sent from the Student Financial Aid Office referring the student to the Financial Aid Checklist via the (Blue Tiger) Self ServicePortal to review the request for documents.

Depending on the student's verification tracking group the following documents will be needed:

  1. Verification Worksheet for the appropriate academic year (V1 and V5)
  2. High School Completion/Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose Verification Worksheet for  the appropriate academic year (V4 and V5)
  3. Documentation for IRS income-related questions for the student (and the student's spouse, or parent as applicable.) (V1 and V5)

Specific requests for the needed documents are on the Financial Aid Checklist via the Blue Tiger Self Service portal. Other documents may be requested once verification gets underway.

Required Verification Documents


FAFSA Information

Acceptable Document

Household Size

Verification Worksheet 

The number in College

Verification Worksheet 

AGI & U.S. Tax Paid

IRS DRT; or IRS Tax Return Transcript; or a signed paper copy of the appropriate year IRS tax return

Untaxed Income (Tax Return Data)

IRS DRT; or IRS Tax Return Transcript; or a signed paper copy of  the appropriate year IRS tax return

Non-Filer Work Income

Verification Worksheet & IRS W-2 Forms; or  Non-Tax Filer Statement & IRS W-2 Forms and/or 1099s (request nonfilter statement  using Form 4506-T and checking box 7); or a signed statement of non-filing if the IRS nonfiler statement cannot be obtained.

High School Completion

High School Diploma or transcript; GED certificate or transcript; homeschooled credential or transcript; or academic transcript showing two-year program completion

Identity/Statement of Education Purpose

Original government-issued photo identification (ID) such as a passport or a driver's license and Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose document

Other Information

Other documentation as specified by  CPS or the Lincoln University

The deadline to submit documents (provided all needed information is included and correct) to ensure timely packaging of awards prior to the University's payment due date is July 1st   for the fall semester; November 1st for the spring semester and May 1 for summer.

*Because some verifications are not straightforward due to conflicting information or other issues related to submissions, all items needed to complete the review may not be received timely enough for the review to be completed prior to the end of the enrollment period.  Such delays may impact the student's ability to be awarded any or all aid for which the student may be eligible.

Verification Policies of the U. S. Department of Education, as mandated under Title 34 > Subtitle B > Chapter VI > Part 668 > Subpart E are followed. 

Please Note:

The Student Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee that assistance will be available for the period of enrollment if required items are received less than two weeks before the end of the period of enrollment.*   Students are notified (via email) to review their awards when awards have been made subsequent to verification.