Financial Aid Checklist

Financial Aid Checklist…..Helpful things to do:

The financial aid checklist is designed to provide you with information about the documents that our office requires and a suggested timeline by which to complete the financial aid process. Please review it carefully and contact our office via mail, phone, or email for additional assistance.

  • Several steps must be taken before your application for financial aid is complete.
  • Keep in mind also that each application is considered individually. This may require additional information in addition to what is listed below. Once you have initiated your application, the Office of Student Financial Services will notify you as to what documents are needed to complete your file.
  • The information in [brackets] indicates the time prior to your first day of class that each step should be completed by in order to receive optimum consideration of your application.
  • The Office of Student Financial Services can normally make an initial determination of your eligibility when all of these items have been received.
  • Six to eight weeks prior to your scheduled class start date an award notification will be emailed to you, which instructs you to access your Web Advisor account to view your Award Letter which details your maximum eligibility. The steps stated must be submitted to secure funds.

✓ Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Complete the online application at [5 MONTHS]

✓ Verification. An additional information request email will be sent to you stating all the required documents that will need to be submitted. Click here more information about the verification process. This email will be sent to you from the Office of Student Financial Services after it has been determined that your application has been selected for verification by the Department of Education (Noted on your Student Aid Report (SAR) with and asterisk (*) next to your EFC number). Forward the completed Documents and Supporting Information (as requested) making sure they are appropriately completed, SIGNED AND DATED to the Office of Student Financial Services. [2 MONTHS]


After You Receive An Award Letter…..what to do next

✓ Award Letter. You will receive an award email notification instructing you to visit your Web Advisor account to view your award letter. This is for your information.  It is not required to return it to our office.  The process to accept/reject all or any portion of your award is stated in a letter accompanying your award letter.  You do not need to return a signed copy of the award letter to receive the aid that it details, however, you do need to log in to Web Advisor to accept/reject your financial aid (ONLY required if you wish to take out loans). If you wish to only accept one semester, please indicate that on Web Advisor.  If you wish to accept an amount less than stated on your award letter, please indicate the amount on your Student Loan Request Form. [ASAP]

✓ Federal Direct Loan Application (sometimes referred to as Student Loan Data Sheet or Student Loan Request Form). If you have been awarded and wish to receive a Federal Direct Loan, you must follow the link from the Confirmation Screen on Web Advisor. [ASAP]

✓ Miscellaneous. If you have received any other requests for information after your award email notification has been received, please complete and return them to the Office of Student Financial Services to secure your funds.  You may be notified in one of the following formats: email, mail, or phone. [ASAP]