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LU Employment Academy

Lincoln University of Missouri is committed to improving and expanding the available workforce in Missouri. The Lincoln University Employment Academy (LUEA) represents an innovative approach to integrating education, training and workforce development in a certification/internship program designed to streamline workforce pathways for potential state employees and employers.

Developed cooperatively between Lincoln University (LU) and multiple Missouri state agencies, LUEA pairs soft skills instruction and job-specific training with internships to assist our program partners in filling high-demand positions with qualified and committed employees. The program focuses on promoting individuals from minority and underrepresented populations that Lincoln University most directly serves.

Lincoln University Employment Academy will formally open at the beginning of the fall 2024 semester.

Missouri Benefits

Lincoln University Employment Academy contributes to the goals of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2016 by incorporating state agencies into the development of education and training frameworks created and maintained by Lincoln University.

  • LUEA offers students realistic options for alternative pathways to achieving their employment goals.
  • LUEA will benefit Missouri job seekers by streamlining and strengthening the workforce pathways associated with the most in-demand positions across the state.
  • LUEA will benefit state agencies and private entities by creating an expanding pool of potential employees who have been educated and trained in direct response to the skills identified by those employers as most essential for success.

LUEA Mission

To provide Missouri residents a direct pathway for employment supported by development of key soft, work, and personal skills identified as being critical for successful integration into the workforce.

LUEA Vision

To help Missouri fill in-demand positions throughout the public and private sectors with motivated and qualified employees focusing on minority and underrepresented populations throughout the state.

Find Out More

Learn how your organization can have a hand in creating the workforce of tomorrow. LU Assistant Provost Darius Watson can answer your questions and provide program specifics, timeframes and other details
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