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Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight

Dr. Beverly and James Vick

"In the autumn of 1966, at 17, I left Staten Island, New York to enter Lincoln University. I met my best friends who remain close to this day, almost 50 years later. My husband, ‘Vic' (James), a scholarship basketball player, and I met that year, and married in January 69', and had four wonderfully successful, children. We were married 46 years. Our lives at LU were splendidly filled with school, basketball, football, and rich campus life activities.  Lincoln opened up a world for us that began a remarkable life journey. 

The spirit, mentorship and quality of education we received was invaluable.  I went on to receive my Masters in Education from Lincoln and my PhD in Literacy from the University of Missouri. I currently work for the Alexandria City Public School system in Alexandria, VA. Vic began his professional journey from a corrections officer with the State of Missouri to the Chairman of the US Army Clemency and Parole Board in DC. 

He was chairman for 30 years, before retiring due to illness. Despite all, he rarely missed an LU homecoming. Opportunities to see his teammates, visit the Athletic department and see the many individuals who contributed to his successful life were very important to him."


"We give back to Lincoln for the many gifts to our lives, as students, as well as alumni.  My husband and I decided years ago, to leave a monetary gift to the institution we both loved and benefitted greatly from.  We knew LU would use it to support future school and student endeavors. My husband passed away in 2014, but I know his legacy will continue to live on.  I can never thank Lincoln enough for the impact they have made on our lives. " Dr. Beverly Vick, Class of 1970