Records Management

The following are the procedures for receiving records for storage:


1. All records received for storage must have a label, an inventory sheet and stored in a regulation box. Click here to request boxes

2. Information is available from the Missouri Secretary of State website regarding which records must be stored and for how long by department. (Click Department of Higher Education, Lincoln University and appropriate department.) 

3. The label and inventory sheet must be completed and approved by the department head before it will be stored.  The destruction date must be in accordance with the Missouri Secretary of State guidelines. Any non-permanent records needed for an extended time past the requirement must have a reasonalbe destruction date.

4. Although Purchasing will be responsible for maintaining the inventory of all records received for storage, each department must keep their own inventory.

5. Purchasing will also maintain a check in/out sheet for any record a department might need to retrieve while in storage.  Unsupervised access will not be permitted.