Travel Expense Voucher

Instructions for the Travel Expense Voucher Form

The Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) is used to reimburse a traveler for expenses incurred that have not been paid for or reimbursed by any other source. The TEV should be carefully completed in its entirety and must be typed.

  1. Text Field - Page
    • This field defaults to Page 1 of 1. Change this only if submitting more than one page.
  2. Text Field - Name
    • Enter the full name of the traveler.
  3. Text Field - ID Number/Dept
    • Enter the traveler's university employee ID number. If the traveler is a student, then enter the university student ID number. Otherwise, enter the traveler's Social Security Number. Also, enter the name of the traveler's Department.
  4. Text Field - Office Address
    • Enter the traveler's university address.
  5. Text Field - BPO#/REQ#
    • Enter information into at least one of these boxes. The form may be submitted with only a valid requisition number; however a valid blanket purchase order number in Datatel is required before reimbursement can be made.

      NOTE: The requisitioner is responsible for ensuring the requisition is approved and assigned a blanket purchase order number. Accounts Payable is NOT responsible for following up on requisitions.

  6. Text Field - Purpose
    • Enter the purpose of the trip, destination, and dates.
  7. Text Field - Departure Time from Domain
    • Enter the departure time on the first day of travel.
  8. Text Field - Arrival Time to Domain
    • Enter the arrival time on the day returning from travel.
  9. Text Field - Date
    • Enter the date the expense was incurred.
  10. Text Field - From/To
    • Enter the beginning point and destination point for that date.
  11. Text Field - Miles
    • Enter the number of miles driven on the date indicated. Mileage should be rounded to the nearest whole mile.

      NOTE: Mileage figures are verified by Accounts Payable using online mapping tools (ex. MapQuest).

  12. Text Field - Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    • Enter the amount incurred for each meal for each day of travel. If actual amounts are claimed, receipts must be attached. Otherwise, enter the appropriate per diem rates.

      NOTE: No amount exceeding the established per diem rates for the destination will be reimbursed even with a receipt.

  13. Text Field - Air/RR/Bus/Car
    • Enter any transportation costs incurred for airfare, train tickets, bus fare, or car rental. Appropriate receipts must be attached.

      NOTE: If requesting reimbursement, the receipt must indicate that payment was made by the traveler.

  14. Text Field - Hotel
    • Enter the cost of the hotel for the date indicated. Appropriate itemized receipts must be attached.

      NOTE: If requesting reimbursement, the receipt must indicate payment was made by the traveler.

  15. Text Field - Registration
    • Enter any registration costs incurred. Appropriate receipts must be attached. If the registration was for attendance at a conference or training, ALSO attach a copy of the registration form.

      NOTE: If requesting reimbursement, the receipt must indicate payment was made by the traveler.

  16. Text Field - Gas
    • Enter the cost of gas for the date indicated (you cannot seek reimbursement for gas and mileage per diem).
  17. Text Field - Misc
    • Enter any miscellaneous costs, such as parking, tolls, cab fares, shuttles, etc. for the date indicated. Costs must be itemized on "Itemized Miscellaneous Expenses" field.
  18. Text Field - Total
    • This amount is calculated automatically.
  19. Text Field - Totals from above
    • These amounts are calculated automatically.
  20. Text Field - Forwarded from previous sheet
    • If this page is a continuation of a previous page being submitted at the same time, enter the amounts from the "Total from above" field on the previous sheet here.
  21. Text Field - Subtotal
    • These amounts are calculated automatically.
  22. Text Field - Total Miles
    • This amount is calculated automatically based upon the mileage entered above and the current mileage per diem rate.
  23. Text Field - Less Prepaid Expenses
    • Enter in the appropriate column any expenses prepaid by the University, such as airline, car rental, hotel, or registration costs. Amounts should be entered as positive numbers.
  24. Text Field - Less Travel Advance
    • Enter the amount, if any, advanced to the traveler for this trip. The amount should be entered as a positive number.
  25. Text Field - Total Reimbursable Expenses
    • This amount is calculated automatically.

      If a POSITIVE number, this indicates the amount owed to the traveler upon valid submission of all signatures and supporting documentation.

      If a NEGATIVE number, this indicates the amount owed to the Cashiers by the traveler. Return excess funds within one working day to the Cashier's Office. The cashier receipt must be attached to the TEV form and submitted to Accounts Payable within one week.

  26. Text Field - Itemized Miscellaneous Expenses
    • Enter details (date incurred, description, and amount) for all expenses in the "Misc" field.
  27. Text Field - Signed & Title/Date
    • Upon reading the certification on the TEV, it must be signed by the traveler. The traveler's title and the date must also be entered. Only original signatures are accepted.
  28. Text Field - Approved & Title/Date
    • All TEV's must be signed as approved by the traveler's immediate supervisor. The supervisor's title and the date must also be entered. Only original signatures are accepted. Additional approval signature lines are provided as needed to meet departmental requirements.

      NOTE: If any of the travel expenses are being reimbursed utilizing Title III funds, the TEV must also be approved by the Title III Coordinator prior to being submitted to Accounts Payable.

TEV Processing

If costs incurred by the traveler exceed the amount listed on the purchase order by the lesser of 10% of the total purchase order or $50, another requisition must be done for the difference. The new requisition must indicate in the description that it is an addendum to the original purchase order.

Once a valid purchase order is in place and all appropriate receipts and documentation have been submitted, allow at least one week for the check to be issued. See Check Processing Schedule for more details.