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Health, Physical Education and Wellness Department (HPEW)

Department Overview

Ask Yourself?

  • Are you interested in sports, fitness, health, or wellness?
  • Do you want to become a personal trainer, health coach, strength coach, or develop health and fitness education programs?
  • Do you want to educate the general public or students on how to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you love playing sports or being physically fit and want to do it for a career?
  • Do you want to help people recover from injuries and return to activity?

If you answered "yes" or "maybe" to any of these questions, earning a bachelor's degree in Physical Education or Wellness from Lincoln University is the right program for you!

Program Overview

The Department of Health, Physical and Health Education, and Wellness at Lincoln University prepares undergraduate students to become Physical Education Teachers and Coaches and develops leaders in the growing field of health, wellness, and physical activity.
Lincoln students take courses grounded in theory. The courses also provide practical (hands-on) experiences that provide real-world application of skills. The program prepares graduates to teach, lead, and manage health, wellness and physical activity in schools, community, and commercial settings, or through entrepreneurial endeavors. A BS in Wellness also provides students with the foundation for Graduate degrees in Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Kinesiology and many others.
Students can choose from a BS in Education (Physical Education) or a BS in Wellness with three emphasis areas to choose from (Health Promotions, Kinesiology, or Sports Management). There are also three minors offered (Coaching, Health Education, or Physical Education) that students with any major can choose to add to their course of study. These structured programs provide students an opportunity to transform their personal interests and love of health and wellness into a career that benefits others

Our Philosophy:

The Health, Physical Education, and Wellness Department at Lincoln University provides students an awareness that the key to health and wellness is the quality of your lifestyle. Lincoln University promotes health and wellness with an emphasis on lifelong learning and applying the skills to a program focusing on a well-rounded lifestyle. Students will learn six dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental, and understand how to integrate these dimensions into their personal lifestyle.
Today's students learn in a variety of ways. Departmental courses focus on teaching the content and theoretical background and moving students to application of these skills in a hands-on or practical application setting. Observations and field experiences are an integral part of the program. Students observe various teaching and/or wellness professionals on-campus and in a community-based setting. Students have an opportunity to put their classroom education to the test in a real-world environment through internships and student-teaching placements.

Program Goals:

The program goals are grounded in the belief that health, physical education, and wellness are an important part of the total educational program for everyone. Courses in the program emphasize the acquisition of motor skills as of value for lifetime physical recreation activities, the development of socially desirable habits and attitudes, and knowledge, which contribute to the overall aims of education and wellness.
Important Program Outcomes:

  • to develop physical skills for lifetime use
  • to develop scientific knowledge and attitudes for optimum development of health through fitness
  • to cultivate socially desirable characteristics
  • to offer wholesome recreation
  • to prepare teacher, coaches, physical educators, certified athletic trainers, and sport managers for many career channels
  • to develop the total person through a focus on holistic wellness

Degree Programs

Bachelor's Degree Program in Wellness:

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Wellness Majors:

  • Health Promotion
  • Kinesiology
  • Sport Management


  • Coaching
  • Health Education
  • Physical Education

Health, Physical Education and Wellness (HPEW) Department Minors Information

HPEW Departmental Course Offerings:

Health, Physical Education and Wellness (HPEW) Departmental Couse List

Contact Information

Lincoln University

Health, Physical Education & Wellness Department (HPEW)
820 Chestnut Street, Jason Gymnasium
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

Dr. Chad Kish
Assistant Professor
Coordinator - Health, Physical Education & Wellness
Office: Jason Hall 214-B
Phone: 573-681-5329
Advisor for: Physical Education & Wellness: Kinesiology

Crystal Moseley
Assistant Professor
Office: Jason Hall 214-A
Phone: 573-681-5259
Advisor for: Wellness: Health Promotion & Kinesiology

Patrick Oligschlaeger
Assitant Professor
Office: Jason Hall 214-C
Phone: 573-681-5287
Advisor for: Wellness: Sports Management & Kinesiology