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Traffic and Parking Regulations Guide

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Traffic and Parking Regulations

 A hard copy of these documents can be obtained upon request at the Lincoln University Police Department Headquarters located at 1118 Chestnut Street, Jefferson City Mo 65101.


1.01 Authority. These regulations are adopted pursuant to the authority vested in the Board of Curators of Lincoln University by the laws of the State of Missouri. These laws provide, in relevant part, that the government of the University is vested in a Board of Curators; the Curators shall improve and protect the property of the University; and the Curators shall publish and distribute traffic regulations.


1.02 Purpose and Policy. The Board of Curators of Lincoln University has deemed it necessary and desirable by virtue of the authority conferred upon it to create and establish a Safety and Security Committee for the University and has delegated to the President of the University the authority and the responsibility to activate such committee. This committee has been charged with the responsibility to recommend rules and regulations designed to effect the safety and welfare of students, faculty, employees, visitors and other persons traveling upon or having access to the University property or property in which the University has possession or control; to review the security and parking needs of the University; and to hear appeals for citations issued for traffic violations which occur on the campus. These regulations are further designed to effect the proper use and protection of University property, as well as the efficient operation of the University.

1.03 Application. These regulations shall apply to all students, faculty, and employees of the University and all other persons while on University property and shall be deemed a part of the terms and conditions of the admission and enrollment of students and the employment of faculty and staff and other persons working under the direction of an administrative unit of the University. These regulations shall also apply to visitors or other persons and shall be deemed a part of the terms and conditions of the permission to enter the grounds of Lincoln University and to drive or operate vehicles on the property of Lincoln University. The operation and/or use of motor vehicles and bicycles on the property of the University campus by any person shall constitute consent and agreement to observed and be bound by these regulations.


1.04 Conflicts with Missouri State Laws. If any provisions of these regulations shall be in conflict with any applicable provision of any Missouri State Law, rule or regulation of Lincoln University, Missouri State Law shall govern.


1.05 Effective Date. These regulations as they appear in this document shall become effective upon approval of the Board of Curators.


2.01 General. Unless otherwise specified the words and phrases used in these regulations shall have the same meanings as set forth in the laws of the State of Missouri regulating motor vehicles, bicycles, and traffic on the highways and/or on the property of the State of Missouri, including pedestrian traffic.  Description or reference to a person as of the masculine gender shall include both females and males;


2.02 Definitions.

  • For purposes of these regulations, the following definitions and usages shall apply;

  • University Property. All real property owned, occupied, controlled, and/or administeredby Lincoln University;

  • Lincoln University Traffic and Parking Regulations. All regulations pertaining to traffic and parking on University property that are approved by the Board of Curators of Lincoln University;
  • University Police Department. The Lincoln University Police Department in Jefferson City, Missouri;

  • Chief of Police. The person to whom the authority and responsibility for the operation ofthe Lincoln University Police Department is delegated;

  • President. The President of Lincoln University;
  • Committee. The Safety and Security Committee for Lincoln University;

  • Restricted Areas and Hours of Traffic and/or Parking. Those areas limited in time andplace to use by students, faculty, employees, visitors, and/or official vehicles are posted accordingly;

  • Student. Any person who has applied for and has bee accepted for enrollment for academic credit or as a "hearer" in any undergraduate or graduate course or courses offered by the University and is enrolled in such course or courses;
  • Staff Member. Any person who is employed temporarily or permanently, full or part time, by the University or who by any service contract reports to and administrative unit of the University in any capacity including, but not limited to, academic and nonacademic administration, faculty, nonacademic personnel and food service staff, but excluding employment unless otherwise specified;

  • Vendor. Any individual who by written agreement with the University may sell or promote the sale of products or services'

  • Service Technician. An individual who provides maintenance or service to equipment located within the University;

  • Visitor. A person who is present on the University campus and who is neither a student, nor an employee;

  • Guest. Any person whose presence at the University is by official University invitation;

  • Motor vehicle. Any self propelled vehicle having two or more wheels used for the conveyance of a person or persons or materials and equipment including attached trailers. (For purposes of these regulations, motorized wheel chairs are excluded);
  • Pedestrian. Any person standing or walking or any person moving or not moving in a wheel chair at any time outside of a building;

  • Parking. A standing (not moving) motor vehicle is considered parked regardless of whether or not the vehicle is running or the vehicle is occupied;

  • Obstruction of Vehicular Traffic. Any pedestrian, driver or vehicle who or which impedes or restricts a safe and normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or creates a hazard that may result in an impairment of safe and efficient traffic;

  • Driveways and/or Fire Lanes. Any street, alley, road, entrance to, or exit from, University property; or any areas in a parking lot not clearly designated for parking;

  • Motor Vehicle Parking Space. An area in a parking lot or on a street designated by markers such as concrete bumpers, lines on parking service, marks on curbs, signs, parking meters, or other clear markers;
  • Loading Zone. An area clearly marked and posted for loading;
  • Parking Lot. An area designated by Lincoln University for the intended utilization of parking motor vehicles.


3.01 Authority and Responsibility. The committee is charged with the authority and responsibility conferred upon it by the Board of Curators of Lincoln University and by the President of Lincoln University as set forth in Chapter I of these regulations.

3.02 Membership. The President shall appoint three staff, three faculty, and two student members to the Safety and Security committee. No alternatives shall be named or shall serve on this committee, and there shall be no voting by proxy. Ex-officio non-voting members or their designees shall be: Lincoln University Chief of Police.

The terms of office for all faculty and staff members of the Committee is three years; students for two years. For purposes of effecting continuity of policy and the operation procedures of the committee no more than three new members may be appointed in any one year except that the replacements may be named for members of the committee who are unable to complete their full terms.  The President shall designate one of the faculty members as chairman of the Committee.

3.03 The Powers of the Committee shall include but shall not be limited to:

  • Recommending regulations concerning the conduct of its business including the appointment of and the delegation of powers to subcommittees.

  • Recommending supplementary regulations to control pedestrian and vehicular traffic and parking as provided below. When such supplementary regulations are approved by the President and filed with the Secretary of Board of Curators, they shall become a part of the Traffic and Parking Regulations at Lincoln University. A copy of all original and supplementary regulations recommended by the Committee and approved by the President shall be made a part of the Board of Curators' agenda at its earliest regular meeting.

  • Reviewing and recommending the use of all Lincoln University parking lots.


4.01 Vehicle registration required. Any Lincoln student who owns, possesses, maintains, operates, or stores a motor vehicle or bicycle on or about the Lincoln University campus must register such vehicle or vehicles with the Lincoln University Police Department, within one Lincoln University business day after such vehicle is brought to the vicinity of the City of Jefferson.

4.02 There is no fee for registration of bicycles.

4.03 Registration requirements:

  • Proof of ownership of vehicle to be registered and/or proof that the student is entitled to possess and operate such vehicle must be furnished. Vehicles operated by a student on campus although owned by a student's parents, guardian, or spouse must be registered. Registered vehicles must maintain insurance coverage.

  • A student may not register a vehicle owned, maintained or normally operated by anotherstudent.

  • Any student whose privileges or license to operate a motor vehicle has been suspended or revoked by any authority shall not be entitled to register, operate, or maintain a vehicle on University property pursuant to these regulations while enrolled at the University, except in accordance with the conditions improved by the authority suspending or revoking such privileges.

  • All students shall provide, upon request, any information pertinent to the registration, possession, or operation of any vehicles that shall be required by the Lincoln University Chief of Police.

  • Application for parking permit shall have the effect of motor vehicle registration.


4.04 Operation and Possession of Motor Vehicle and Bicycles. Any student qualified under Section 4.03 of these regulations who has been accepted for enrollment at Lincoln University may possess and operate a motor vehicle or bicycle in and about the University campus provided that he shall at all times be in compliance with all University and State regulations pertaining to the same.


4.05 Use of Motor Vehicle or Bicycle Parking Permits:

  • The parking permit (sticker or hangtag) issued by the Police Department shall be affixed to the registered vehicle as directed on the same day as it is issued. The sticker will be displayed in the lower right hand (passenger) position of the windshield. Hangtags will be displayed from the rear view mirror with the numbers facing forward. Vehicles without mirrors will adhere the hangtag to the center of the windshield. Each permit shall be valid and must remain affixed to the vehicle during the period of time for which the permit is issued or during the academic enrollment time period of the student (whichever is less), unless the vehicle is no longer under the ownership or control of the student.

  • A vehicle parking permit that is lost or mutilated, or in any way not identifiable as a valid permit shall not be considered as a valid permit. Replacements for lost or mutilated parking permits may be obtained at the Cashier's Office in Young Hall upon sufficient proof of loss or mutilation. There will be a $5.00 replacement fee for such permits. Lost or stolen permits must be reported within 24 hours to avoid being cited for failure to display parking permit.  The cashier's office is open during normal business hours.


4.06 Change of Vehicle Ownership, License Number, or Student Address. A student shall report any change in vehicle ownership, license number or address to the Lincoln University Police Department within 24 hours (1 business day) after such change is made.


4.07 Motor Vehicle Registration Information. The Police Department shall provide information and make available to all students,· at the time of academic registration or enrollment at Lincoln University, instructional materials indicating the requirements and procedures for registering motor vehicles and bicycles. The Police Department shall have available to all students a copy of the Traffic and Parking Regulations.

5.01 Policy. Pursuant to the action of the Board of Curators in establishing the policies effecting the provisions of parking lots and the establishment of traffic safety and parking regulations, and including subsequent adoptions and amendments to these regulations by the Board of Curators, it shall be policy that:

  • Within the limitations and the priorities for, the resources and space at Lincoln University, the University shall provide parking lots on the grounds of Lincoln University for the exclusive use of its employees, students and visitors.
  • All parking lots provided by the University that are owned, operated or administered by Lincoln University, or any agency administratively responsible to Lincoln University shall be available on a fee (paid parking) basis and at a rate (rates) to be specified by the President and published annually. No refunds shall be made for any unused portion of a parking permit except as shall be authorized by the LU President.
  • Upon orders of the Office of the President, selected parking spaces may be made available on a no fee basis. Reserved parking spaces are assigned by the President or his designee.


5.02 Staff Parking

  • All staff is required to register their motor vehicles and those who elect to use Lincoln University parking lots are required to obtain a parking permit that shall be assigned each motor vehicle that such person owns and operates and that may at any time be parked in a parking lot. (See Section 4.5A for displaying instructions)
  • Applications for parking permits shall have the effect of motor vehicle registration.
  • All staff parking permits are issued by special request forms through the Police Department on an annual basis, unless otherwise requested and specified, and shall become effective September 1 of the year which such permit is issued and shall expire on August 31 of the following year. All expired parking permits must be removed from the vehicle.
  • A parking permit that is lost or mutilated, or in any way not identifiable as a valid parking permit for a restricted parking lot shall not be considered as a valid permit. A replacement for a lost or mutilated permit may be obtained at the Cashier's Office for a $5.00 fee, upon sufficient proof of loss or mutilation.
  • All staff permit holders shall report any change in motor vehicle ownership, vehicle license number, or address to the Police Department within 24 hours (one business day) after such change is effective.


5.03 Disabled Parking. A state issued disabled license plate or placard must be displayed while parking in a disabled parking space on campus. Disabled persons may park in any disabled designated space provided they are also displaying a valid Lincoln permit (faculty, staff or student). Temporary disabled parking permits are NOT issued by the Lincoln University Police Department.


5.04 Official University Vehicle Parking:

  • The University shall provide parking and/or storage facilities for all vehicles owned, operate and/or administered by Lincoln University, and/or for any agency who by any service contract reports to an administrative unit of the University in any capacity, provided that these official vehicles are not specifically assigned to staff member (or department) for his (its) exclusive daily use.
  • All official vehicles shall at all times meet all requirements of the Missouri State Laws for motor vehicle safety inspection.


5.05 Parking for Retired Staff and Senior Citizens. Parking permits for retired faculty and staff will be available at the annual rate paid by regular faculty and staff. Professors Emeriti and senior citizen students, ago 60, will receive a no fee parking permit.


5.06 Visitor Parking:

  • Lincoln University shall furnish visitor parking, including Vendors and Service Technicians, provided that priority be given to staff and students.
  • Limited visitor parking space may be provided in the prime location areas of Lincoln University campus.
  • Staff and students are not permitted to use the visitor parking spaces.
  • Any visitor receiving a traffic and parking citation for a violation of these regulations should communicate with the Lincoln University Police Department.
  • Service Technicians who need their vehicle close to their work should apply to the Police Department for a special permit.


5.07 Loading Zones:

  • Loading zones are reserved exclusively for the loading or unloading of materials or equipment by persons displaying a valid loading zone permit.
  • All loading zones on the Lincoln University campus shall at all times have a maximum use limit of 30 minutes.
  • When it is necessary that a vehicle occupy a loading zone for the purpose of loading for a period longer than 30 minutes, or by persons not having a loading zone permit, authorization shall be secured from the Lincoln University Police Department prior to the use of the loading zone. (Phone 681-5555)


5.08 Driveway and/or Fire Lanes:

  • The use of driveways and motor traffic entrances and exits is restricted to moving traffic.
  • These areas and all areas in Lincoln University parking lots that are not clearly designated as parking spaces shall not be used for parking.


6.01 Missouri State Laws and Ordinances.  All persons operating motor vehicle or bicycles on or within the Lincoln University campus area shall observe and obey all applicable Missouri laws and these rules and regulations of Lincoln University.


6.02 Speed Limits. No person shall drive a motor vehicle on the property of Lincoln University campus at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under existing driving conditions. A maximum of 20 mph shall be the legal speed limit on Lincoln University property unless otherwise posted.


6.03 Traffic Control Signs and Devices. All persons, including pedestrians, drivers of motor vehicles, and bicycle riders, shall obey all traffic control signs, markers, and/or other traffic control signals and devices of Lincoln University campus.


6.04 Report of Accident. All persons are required by Missouri law to make reports of accidents involving motor vehicles. Accidents, which occur within Lincoln University campus area shall be reported to the Lincoln University Police Department. Accident reports will not be taken if the vehicle has been driven off campus and returned prior to a report being made to a Lincoln University police officer. Note: prior to removing any vehicle from an accident scene, contact the Police Department at 681-555.

7.01 All persons owning and/or operating a bicycle on Lincoln University campus shall observe and obey all applicable Missouri laws, City of Jefferson ordinances, and these rules and regulations.


7.02 Any person operating a bicycle shall observe all signs and control signals applicable to motor vehicles.

  • Bicycles shall be parked in or immediately adjacent to the bicycle racks provided. They shall not be parked on lawns, on sidewalks, or chained to trees, light poles, fences, benches, etc. Bicycles improperly parked may be impounded by cutting and removal of locking device, if necessary.
  • Bicycles that are considered to be abandoned will be removed by cutting locking device if necessary, and impounded.
  • Bicycles shall not be taken inside any University building.

8.01 General. It is a violation of these regulations to do any act prohibited by these regulations or to fail to do any act required by these regulations.


8.02 Persons Responsible for Violations. Each person is responsible for all violations (moving or non-moving) of these regulations committed by that person. All persons (first parties) owning or having in their custody a motor vehicle shall be responsible for all nonmoving violations of these regulations committed by other persons (second parties) operating vehicles owned by the first person or in their custody with their express or implied permission to operate that vehicle, unless the person (second party) actually operating the vehicle acknowledges and accepts the responsibility for the violation.


8.03 False Registration and False Parking Permits. Counterfeiting, altering, defacing or transferring a registration certificate or parking permit to another motor vehicle which is not owned by the registrant, and to whom the permit was not issued, or giving any false information in the application or any hearing.


8.04 Fail to register a motor vehicle. Possessing a motor vehicle and operating or storing it on properties of Lincoln University without a valid registration certificate. If proof of possessing a valid parking permit is produced, the offense will be changed to a fail to properly display parking permit (8.0624). See sections 4.01 through 4.07.


8.05 Failure to Display a Registration Permit/Parking Permit. Failure of any person to display a registration certificate/parking permit as directed by the Police Department within one Lincoln University business day after such registration certificate/parking permit has been issued and continuously display such registration certificates/parking permits.


8.06 Non-Moving Vehicle Violations and Penalties. The penalties set forth below are hereby established for violations involving non-moving vehicles or bicycles owned or operated by or in the custody or possession of students and visitors.






Parked on Grass



Parking at a Yellow Curb



Parking in a non-parking zone



Obstructing vehicular traffic



Parking in a pedestrian crosswalk



Parking over or beyond curb



Parking in a space or area not clearly designated for parking



Parking in a loading zone



Discarding or mutilating a ticket



Parking in an area in which permit does not apply



Parking in a driveway/entrance to or exit from University grounds



Parking in a numbered reserved space w/o a reserved permit



Parking vehicle in more than one designated parking space



Parking overtime in a space with limited time parking $20



Failure to properly display parking permit $10



Falsifying University registration $50



Unauthorized parking in a Disabled Parking zone $50



Parking in a space reserved for emergency vehicles/ambulances



Fail to register motor vehicle $25



Back in parking $5



Double parking $20



Parking in a Fire Lane $20




8.07 Moving Vehicle Violations and Penalties. The penalties set forth below are established for violations which involve moving vehicles and the drivers of such vehicles.


8.071 Improper driving $25


8.072 Driving on any University drive or property of the University in excess of posted speed limit or 20 mph where not posted or failing to obey posted traffic regulation signs $25


8.073 Driving in the wrong direction on any University drive marked for one-way traffic $50


8.08 Additional Imposition of Penalties. In addition to the imposition of penalties and charges hereby established, the Lincoln University Police Department may refer any violation of these regulations to the appropriate administrative official for additional action.


9.01 The Committee shall prescribe the rules and procedures for appeals. Any person who is subject to disciplinary action under these regulations may appeal such action to the Committee in writing.


9.02 Method of Appeal. Any person who is subject to assessment of fees under these regulations may file a written appeal within 7 (seven) days of such assessment to the Safety and Security Committee. Any decision of the Committee may be appealed to the Vice President of Administration and Finance. The decision of the Vice President shall be deemed final. Appeal forms may be obtained at the Police Department. A service charge or collection fee may be charged if the University must withhold salaries or refer the charge to a collection agency.


9.03 Payment of Fees. It shall be the duty of any person rece1v1ng notice of a traffic regulation violation to make payment of any monetary fee assessed to the cashier's office or to report to the Police Department within 7 (seven) days of receipt of notice of violation and file written exception to assessment of said fee. No execution or appeal may be made after this 7 (seven) day period has passed.

  • Unpaid student penalties will carry a penalty to include restriction of registration and receipt of transcripts. Salary checks may have deductions made for penalties or may be withheld from faculty and staff members and students until all financial obligations to the University, including traffic and parking penalties are cleared. Faculty and staff with unpaid penalties will not be issued a new parking permit until all traffic and parking penalties are cleared.


10.01 Administration and Enforcement. The Chief of Police is authorized and it shall be his/her duty, in cooperation with the Committee, to recommend procedures to administer and enforce these regulations.


10.02 Issuance of Citation for Violation. A citation for any violation of these regulations may be issued by any Officer of the Lincoln University Police Department on forms prescribed by the Police Department. A copy of the citation shall be delivered to each person at the time of issuance or, if the violation involves an unattended vehicle, a copy of the citation shall be conspicuously affixed to the vehicle. Each citation issued shall state the substance of the violation and the penalty for the violation.


10.03 Immobilization, Removal, or Impoundment of Unattended vehicles.

1. The Lincoln University Police Department is authorized to immobilize or remove and impound unattended vehicles on/from University parking lots or on/from other real property of the University or under the control of the University at the owner's expense, under the following circumstances and subject to the following conditions:

  • Any vehicle that is left unattended and is presence at the place where unattended, in the judgment of Lincoln University Police Officer, constitutes a safety hazard to person or property, or because of an emergency or because the vehicle is obstructing traffic, or because the vehicle is not properly registered with the State or University.
  • Vehicle with ten or more traffic or parking violations may be immobilized.

2. When a vehicle is removed and/or impounded by the Police Department, the following procedures must be followed:

  • The Police Department will attempt to contact the owner of the vehicle prior to removal and/or impoundment unless an emergency exists involving the safety of persons or property, or an obstruction of traffic exists, or if the vehicle is left unattended.
  • If a violation of these regulations is involved, the Police Department shall also issue and serve notice of a violation of these regulations.

3. When a vehicle is immobilized by a Lincoln University Police Officer.

  • The Officer shall affix to the vehicle a notice visible to any driver, directing the owner or operator to appear the Police Department prior to making an attempt to move the vehicle.
  • If a violation of these regulations is also involved, a citation for the violation shall be issued and a copy affixed to the vehicle.

4. Removed or impounded or immobilized vehicles shall be released to the owner or his authorized representative upon request, provided that:

  • Payment of the cost for the removal and/or impoundment of the vehicle is made, and;
  • Payment of any penalty imposed for any violation involved is made, unpaid penalties for previous violations are made, or an appeal of the citation is made.


11.01 Authority of the President to Delegate. The President may delegate any of his authority, under these regulations to the Vice-President of Administration and Finance, the committee, the Chief of Police and the Business Office shall make reports to the President as he shall request, or to such other person or persons to whom he shall delegate his authority.


11.02 Amendments to Regulations.

  • These regulations may be amended or rescinded in whole or in part at any time or from time to time by the action of the Board of Curators.
  • The President may, under emergency conditions, rescind or amend these regulations for a period of time not to exceed 60 day, provided that prior notice of such action is made to the Committee, the University Senate and the Board of Curators.