Summer Hours Through August 9, Lincoln is open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and closed on Fridays. 

Technology Center Production Policy

Technology Center (TC)

The Technology Center (TC) contains several computers, but should not be confused with a computer lab. Each computer has a designated purpose related to media production. In general, it is not available to the public since it is a production area geared solely for the creation of graphics and video. However, graphics instruction to patrons and occasional graphics production by patrons occurs within the TC. Room and equipment availability is made at the discretion of the TC staff. Access to the equipment may be denied depending upon the need of the TC. Instruction, help, and editing is available to patrons through appointments, via workshops, or during posted service hours.

All equipment requires knowledge and instruction before use – especially by anyone who is non-staff. Supervision is required. Patrons, if the equipment is made available may only use the lab in accordance with the following rules: 

  • No content, video, image or otherwise, is to be left permanently on any device.
  • All content, regardless of medium, is subject to immediate removal, even if the patron has not previously retrieved or stored their content before removal.
  • Mediums that are left without labels and/or have been considered abandoned become the property of The Center.
  • Do not leave personal content in the lab without express permission, the Center will not be responsible for lost, stolen, and/or destroyed content.
  • Only trained Center staff may adjust wires or AV equipment with the Center and the Library
  • User of editing equipment is limited to patrons who of prior experience.
  • Patrons should not expect the editing or any other equipment to be readily available, appointments are required for both usage and availability of assistance.
  • Copyright's are enforced. The Media Center may create and distribute graphic productions, but will follow copyright law. Copyright protected works may only be dubbed for educational purposes and according to the standards of the law.
  • Patrons may only access equipment during available operating hours while staff is capable of providing assistance.  Scheduling of the equipment is limited to three hours per day, unless otherwise arranged with TC staff.
  • Patrons must sign-in and provide a valid ID at the time of arrival.
  • Patrons must exit at the time the library closes.