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Record Group Listing

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Following is the listing for each Record Group arranged within the general Lincoln University Collection.  This collection contains University-generated materials donated by departments, administrators, faculty/staff and alumni.

The organization and breakdown of Record Groups can be daunting.  For simplification, each Record Group is listed with its collection number.  Click on the Record Group for more information about that Record Group and the departments organized within that classification.  To find information on individuals, search within the Record Group of the department where that individual served.  Also, look to the Vertical File listing for the individual's name.  If that individual has a separate collection (eg. Dwight T. Reed), then their name will hyperlink to their specific collection.

For more information about the collection's holdings and how to navigate the Record Group listing, please contact our offices.


Faculty Services

Director of Library Services
Waheedah Bilal
Page Library Room 224
Administrative Assistant
Imani Stovall Barton
Page Library
Reference & Instructional Librarian
Alisa Pappas
223 Page Library
Media Assistant II
Stacey Winters
Technology Center
116A Page Library
Night Assistant 
Robert Gurwell
222 Page Library
University Archivist
Mark Schleer
315 Page Library
Archives Assistant
Ithaca Bryant
314 Page Library