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Finding Aids Archives

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Finding Aids Archives

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Fred Foster Fuller Collection

The letters, dated 1863-1865, donated by Fred Foster Fuller originated from Richard Baxter Foster, Lieutenant of the 62nd U.S.C.T. and founder of Lincoln University (Jefferson City, Mo.).  The letters not only give incredible insight into the character of Foster, but also give insight into the educational foundations laid during the Civil War for the African American soldiers of the 62nd U.S.C.T.  For example, the letter dated March 8, 1865, informs the reader that the regiment felt the Webster’s Dictionary was so important, they used regimental funds to purchase one.  Later on March 30, 1865, Foster relays to his wife, Lucy Foster, his future plans to settle in Missouri, and along with many others from the regiment, set up a schoolhouse.  He also conveys his belief that fighting for the education of freed African Americans will be his life’s work.


Omega Psi Phi Collection

The collection consist of papers, programs, pamphlets, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, images and three-dimensional objects pertaining to any chapter associated with the Eighth District of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.  Some information, such as founding or fraternity history, also pertains to the national fraternal organization.  In conjunction with the initial collection, donated on October 16, 2004, this collection contains the original Lincoln University: Greeks: Omega Psi Phi collection and addendums/additions, which are periodically donated by various members of the Eighth District.