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Center of Excellence for Environmental Science

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Center of Excellence for Environmental Science

In response to highlighted social concerns of increased environmental problems and the growing environmental job market, Lincoln University, with the support of the US Department of Army-Army Research Office, reinforces the institutional mission to strengthen environmental science education and research through its establishment of the Center of Excellence for Environmental Science. in efforts to better serve Missourian and nation. The Center aims to:

(1) Train students for practical skills in environmental field through innovative teaching and experiential learning;
(2) Enhance institutional capacity to address current environmental problems facing Missouri residents and nation through cutting-edge research and arts-of-science technologies that lead to sustainable solutions to the problems; and
(3) Promote partnership and collaboration in environmental fields with government agencies, academia, army groups, industries, and local communities.

The Center integrates education, research, service, multi-disciplinary expertise, and resources within the University to address social needs on current environmental issues and to provide excellence education and high quality research. The Center offers the Environmental Science Bachelor Degree Program and conducts basic and applied research in the areas of environmental chemistry, water quality, environmental monitoring & assessment, risk management, sensing technology, greenhouse gas sequestration, and remedial technologies, with funding supports from federal and state agencies.  

The Center is becoming a platform serving for collaborative education and research in environmental study in Missouri and being recognizable at national and international levels.

Faculty Members 

Dr. John Yang (Environmental Chemistry)
Dr. Frieda Eivazi (Soil Science)
Dr. Samson Tesfaye (Remote Sensing)
Dr. Abua Ikem (Analytical Chemistry)

Contact Information:
Lincoln University Cooperative Research
107 Foster Hall
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: (573) 681-5967
Fax: (573) 681-5955
E-mail: Dr. John Yang