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Dual Credit Partnerships Process

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Are you a high school looking to partner with Lincoln University of Missouri?

We are interested in partnership opportunities to help students jumpstart their college careers.

Dual credit refers to courses taught to high school students by college-approved high school instructors, for which high school students receive both college and high school credit.  The partnership between Lincoln University and the high schools participating in the dual credit program is vital to extending educational opportunities to students.

Listed below are the steps high school officials (counselors/principals/directors) should take to establish a dual credit partnership with Lincoln University.


Step 1 – Letter of Intent from the High School

The Letter of Intent should include the dual credit courses the high school would like to offer, the term in which the course is to occur, and a list of potential qualified instructor(s) for the courses.  The letter should be signed by both the guidance counselor and principal of the high school and submitted to the Division of Educational Innovation and Extended Studies.

Step 2 – Verifying Adjunct Faculty Qualifications

Once the letter is received, the office will begin verifying the adjunct faculty qualifications to determine if they meet the requirements to teach courses for Lincoln University.  All candidates for dual credit instructor positions must be approved by the department head of the college in which their discipline falls. Adjunct faculty eligibility requirements are outlined in the Lincoln University Dual Credit Program Handbook.  

Step 3 – Course Review

After the instructor(s) are approved, the course will be reviewed by the academic department chairs of their respective disciplines.  All adjunct faculty are responsible for providing a syllabus of the course so that the department chair can review and determine if the course(s) is equivalent to the course offered at Lincoln University.  Text books, assignments, assessment instruments and other course material may be needed to assess the course equivalency.

Step 4 – Contract between Lincoln University and the High School

Once the course and adjunct faculty are approved by Lincoln University, the high school will receive a contractual agreement that outlines the approved course(s) and instructor(s). The agreement will also include student eligibility, student tuition, and the role of the high school outlined by the Missouri Coordinating Board of High Education. The agreement must be signed and submitted to Graduate and Extended Studies

A spring renewal will be offered to high schools who wish to offer dual credit the next academic year.

List of Current Partnerships

Currently, the following high schools are concurrent enrollment partners with Lincoln University:

Capital City High School, Jefferson City, MO
Cole R-5 High School, Eugene, MO
Fatima High School, Wesphalia, MO
Helias Catholic High School, Jefferson City, MO
Jefferson City High School, Jefferson City, MO
Lighthouse Preparatory Academy, Jefferson City, MO
Richland High School, Richland, MO

Do you have more questions about dual credit? Let us know!

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