Liberal Studies: Experiential Learning

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Liberal Studies: Experiental Learning

Credit for Experiential Learning

A student may receive credit for prior learning experiences as outlined below:

  1. A student may petition for credit upon admission to the Liberal Studies Program. The Liberal Studies Committee will complete an evaluation within 90 days of receipt of a student's application. Credit will not be officially posted to a student's transcript until the student has completed 24 hours of satisfactory coursework in residence at Lincoln University. Credit hours for experiential learning may be accrued based upon experience gained prior to and/or during a student's enrollment at Lincoln University;
  2. No more than 12 hours of credit may be granted for experiential learning;
  3. Credit earned for experiential learning may not exceed 3 hours for each year of fulltime work experience;
  4. Credit earned for experiential learning will count as lower division elective credit;
  5. A student's petition must include work experience verified by his/her supervisor or similar appropriate evidence and verification;
  6. The student's petition must be approved by the faculty advisor and the Liberal Studies Committee.