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Filing an Academic Appeal

Filing and Appeal

If you would like to file an academic appeal, please click below. If you have questions about your appeal application or need additional information, please contact: or (573) 681-5456

Academic Appeal Application Form

Appeal Process

Any student wishing to file an academic appeal must submit a  ARC Appeal Application Form, and any supporting documentation (if necessary) to the Chair of the Academic Routine Committee. Follow the following steps:

The steps of an appeal process are outlined below: 

  1. Submit a  Academic Appeal Application Form
  2. Submit any supporting documentation with the appeal (i.e. proof of attendance at tutoring and/or mentoring, medical documentation, letters of support from faculty/staff, family, etc.)
  3. The appeal is reviewed by the Committee
  4. A recommendation is made by the Committee to the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost
  5. A decision from the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost regarding the appeal will be sent to the address the student supplied on the ARC Appeal Application Form

NOTE: Appeals submitted by any individual other than the student will not be considered for review. They will be considered supporting documentation and the appeal will not be heard until such time that an appeal is submitted by the student.

Appeal Submission

An online submission using the Academic Appeal Application Form is the preferred method for submitting an appeal to the Academic Routine Committee. However, please call (573) 681-5456 to verify your appeal was received.  An appeal can be submitted in writing following the Instructions for Filing an Appeal.   All appeals may be emailed to

Late Appeals


If a student misses the deadline, the student will be notified by email that their appeal will NOT be reviewed for the upcoming semester.  Additionally, the student will be forwarded a Returning Student Checklist outlining the steps the student needs to take upon their return to Lincoln once their suspension has been completed.

Appeal Decisions

Appeal decisions will only be provided in writing via email to the email address listed on the ARC Appeal form that was submitted. If you wish to have the decision delivered to a different email address, please send the request to

A decision regarding your appeal will be provided to you in writing from the Division of the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost following a recommendation from the ARC. Original decisions are kept in the Division of the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost. No appeal decisions will be given over the phone.