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Academic Routine Committee (ARC)

The mission of the Academic Routine Committee (ARC) is to make recommendations regarding appeals of an academic nature for all undergraduate students. ARC also participates in the development of policies and procedures pertaining to classification, certification and graduation of students.

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Before you submit an appeal, you should consult with your academic advisor if possible to ensure you understand the process, confirm you are pursuing the correct appeal, and to get connected to the appropriate resources.  Along with meeting with an academic advisor, the Filing an Appeal tab should be read prior to submitting the appeal to get very important information.  

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Types of Appeals

The ARC can only deal with appeals of an academic nature (courses and course grades).  All appeals about financial aid need to go directly to the Financial Aid office.  The Types of Appeals tab has detailed information about what the ARC can process.  

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Returning Students

Download this brochure to help yourself get back on track.

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ARC Chair:

ARC Deadlines for Reinstatement:


- October 15 & December 30


- May 20


- May 20, July 13 & August 8

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Monday - Thursday
      8:00 a.m. to 6:00p.m.