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Cash Advances

A cash advance is a check written to a traveler in advance of the trip. Cash advances are only allowed under the following conditions.

  • Intercollegiate team travel
  • Up to eighty percent of the cost of international travel
  • Student travel on university business

When utilizing a cash advance, the guidelines below should be followed:

  • The cash advance should be used for group meals and incidentals incurred during travel.
  • Except for students, travelers accepting a cash advance forfeit use of the per diem rates and must submit actual receipts. Students may receive a per diem as long as documentation regarding receipt of such is submitted to Accounts Payable upon return.
  • The workday immediately following the trip, all unused funds must be returned to the Cashiers.
  • An individual may have only one cash advance outstanding at any time.
  • A Travel Expense Voucher (TEV), along with original paid receipts and the cashiers receipt of unused funds, if applicable, must be submitted to Accounts Payable within five working days upon conclusion of the trip.

NOTE: If the appropriate documentation as defined above is not submitted in the time allotted, these funds will be deducted from the traveler's next payroll check.

To receive a Cash Advance:

  1. Create a requisition in Datatel
    • The description should include the dates and destination of travel.
    • Use object code 65500, regardless of the purpose of the cash advance.
  2. Submit a Request for Check Form to Accounts Payable along with a list of participating students. Accounts Payable will issue a check in the amount specified.
  3. Sign the Cash Advance Agreement when picking up the check from the Cashiers.
  4. Submit a Travel Expense Voucher (TEV), along with original paid receipts, to Accounts Payable upon return from travel. Accounting will reallocate costs to the appropriate object codes.