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Automotive Travel

For travel in an employee-owned vehicle:

  • Mileage allowance for reimbursement of business transportation expenses.  See Accounts Payable Travel Information.
  • Mileage figures should be rounded to the nearest whole mile.
  • Expenses related to auto travel, including tolls and parking, are allowable.
  • When more than one employee travels in the same vehicle, only the owner of the vehicle may request reimbursement.

The established mileage reimbursement rate represents full compensation for the costs of owning and operating a vehicle while conducting university business. Therefore, the traveler who elects to use a personal vehicle to travel on university business assumes total responsibility to adequately insure, safely operate, properly maintain, and protect the vehicle. Physical damage to or loss of a personal vehicle when used in the course of university business is not covered. Liability involving others, including passengers, is also not covered.

For travel in a rented automobile:

  • The traveler may be reimbursed for the actual cost of the rental plus any fuel charges.
  • Direct billing of rental vehicles is allowed.
  • Weekly rental rates are allowed if the cost is less than the total cost of daily rental rates.

For travel in a university-owned vehicle:

  • The vehicle must be reserved through the motor pool prior to use.
  • Motor pool expenses are charged directly to the employee's department.
  • Expenses for gasoline, oil, storage, and other vehicle necessities are allowed with proper receipts/documentation.
  • Charges for garaging university-owned vehicles at the primary worksite is allowed provided:
    • The university does not have available facilities
    • The garage is not owned by the employee or immediate family members.
    • The university is not charged the cost of the garage rental.
    • The storage is necessary and reasonable in amount.

University-issued credit cards (gas cards) may be used with participating vendors. Vendor charges to the gas cards are posted directly to the employee's department. All credit card receipts must be submitted to and maintained by the designated coordinator within the respective departments.

Vehicles owned by Lincoln University are state vehicles. State vehicles may be used only for official business, never for personal use. They may only be operated by a university employee who possesses a valid driver's license. No non-university individual (i.e. volunteer or employee family member) may operate nor be a passenger in a state vehicle unless on official university business.

Liability involving another person (personal or property damage) due to employee negligence while operating a state vehicle is covered by the state, provided the employee was operating the vehicle on official university business within the scope of his/her employment and had obtained all necessary approval through normal channels within the university. Personal property within a state vehicle is not insured for loss or damage.