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Naming Opportunities: NEXUS Campaign

Lincoln University's Health Science And Security Sciences Center will be home to the security sciences department, nursing, and the nation’s first law enforcement academy at an HBCU, culminating into the nation’s first university-based crisis and response center.

Thus far, $25 million is committed to the $40-million project. We must raise an additional $15 million to bring this institute to life and create far-reaching, positive impact on the health and security of individuals and families in our local communities, state and Midwest region.

Naming Opportunities

Emergency Operations Training Center $500,000
Auditorium  $500,000
Physical Training Facility (PA)  $250,000
Library $250,000
Research Lab/Simulation Center $250,000
Medical Examination Room $250,000
Wall of Lives saved $250,000
Media Lab $100,000
Computer Lab $100,000
Clinical Space $100,000
Firearms Training Room $100,000
Student Lounge $50,000
Faculty Lounge  $50,000
Virtual Driving training  $50,000
Space specific to First Responders $50,000
Dean’s Office(s) $25,000
Counseling Office $25,000 
Experiential Learning Suite(s) $25,000
Quiet/Meditation Room $25,000
Classroom(s) $10,000
Faculty Office(s) $10,000
Conference Room(s) $10,000
Office for Nursing Student Council $10,000
Office for LU Student Nurses’ Association $10,000
Office for Diversity in Nursing Association $10,000
Donor Recognition Wall $500


If you are interested in naming the School of Nursing, School of Security Science, Police Academy, or Health Services & Sciences Building, please contact

Nursing and police academy students