Jim Pierce earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture studying fruits and vegetables from Northwest Missouri State University.  He has 20 years experience raising small fruits, melons, tree fruit, and a variety of vegetables on a small scale. Selling at local farmers markets came as a result of growing produce.  It was at the farmers market where he gained an understanding of how to market his products in an effective way.  He has used his experience and education in the greenhouse to grow herbs and vegetables for retail. Through research and innovative ideas, he discovers ways to add value to the products produced by farmers.  Jim is a Farm Outreach Worker for Clay and Platte Counties.

In his youth, Jim Pierce was inclined to find work on a Christmas tree farm, peach and apple orchard, a row crop farm, and a cow/calf operation. After a few years passed and some oats were sown, he quit an unrewarding manufacturing job and pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture from Northwest Missouri State University for several years.  The study of fruits and vegetables, as a ray of sunlight through a tall roiling grey bank of thunder clouds on a summer evening, shed light on a new path to wander down. Since that time, he has raised small fruits, melons, a wide variety of vegetables, greenhouse herbs, vegetables and ornamental crops, tree fruits, as well as raising broilers, pork and sheep on a small farm in Missouri.  Jim brings hands on experience and education as a Farm Outreach Worker to the small farmers of Clay and Platte Counties.

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